Porcelain Doll

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Friday 15, November 2019

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a short poem

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They pulled and tugged from every end; The porcelain doll lies broken. Her glossy face now smatched and stained. Her cloth wrapped stitched heart opened. Her reddish locks were straitened clean; Her ripped dress sports an odor. Her head removed from bod and limbs; Her blood shot teared eyes, swollen. The one eyed-panda and hairless clown laughed on as she cried out. Then, spoke of her impending doom. "She'll toss you, there's no doubt." "You look no longer beautiful." "We have to reassert." "A fair new peach now claims your seat inside the glass case chest." "So when her dolls no longer shine, she'll search for that new belle." "We'll spin no tale, you'll grieve and now dwell above the closet shelf." written on: August 27, 2019.

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    What's this?
    To delete go to edit and delete. You can delete from "manage your writing" at top right as well.

    For color text you need to highlight the text and them select color at bottom. I'll be honest, it is not advisable. It look amateurish. If you are never going to use it elsewhere then it's fine.

    The poem itself is a nice story. I don't say much else because I don't read poetry and don't know how it is supposed to be written. Still, a good story.
    so weird, I left a comment, and it didn't save.

    I shall try to recall: This felt like a horror scene, I loved how tormented the doll was at the thought of being discarded. Normally dolls are considered antagonist (well except in toy story, lol) which is why I love anything horror that has to do with dolls. haha.

    it definitely had a foreboding darkness to it. Its possible you didn't intend it to read like this, but my mind is weird, that's what I received.

    I loved it!!! great job!
    The site has been doing crazy things lately.
    It's back in glorious black and white now.

    I liked it, but I couldn't figure out if it was about horror or sorrow. The sorrow, of course, is about a toy being abandoned for something new.

    I tend to think that it was sorrow.