Human is she

Poem written by Samir on Sunday 10, November 2019

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Women empowerment

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No game of chess can be played without a queen Her importance in society can’t be unseen. She bears all the hope for future in her womb, More powerful than the triumphs of the doom. In workplace ,she fights for equal wages Though none could decode all her strength for ages. Has been suppressed for times by male She survived storms not only to convey the tragic tale. She is now ready to walk hand in hand, if not ahead Group her in any brand or portray in any shade. So when a girl child she raise Must be fed with milk and showered with praise. Not your competitor, she is your true companion Give her space, she will be champion. It is not only about sharing and caring Even the devils can’t imagine, how she can be daring. For the real cause, she will fight She will come out from pitiable plight. She does not need your favor or mercy Just appreciate her sacrifice and show the courtesy. Do not pull her back, on her own she will learn Fame and respect naturally she will earn. She can also take us from darkness to light Right now the ‘obvious’ may not be in sight. Neither goddess nor witch, human is she Better is for mankind , understands if HE. Let us take an oath, No preference, equal rights for man and woman both.

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    Powerful message, with a feminist tone. I appreciate that, we need more minds to embrace equality, and also acknowledge the triumphs women have accomplished with blood, sweat, and tears. There is lot's of imagery in this poem as well. For the most part, the rhythm flowed well. There were a couple of times I had to reread a phrase to keep my flow, but it was a minor distraction, and nothing that needs to be corrected. Overall I really enjoyed this poem.

    Thank you for submitting it, and welcome to the Den Smile
    Very good, and, may I add, an excellent first submission.