That Thing

Poem written by Madhatter on Friday 8, November 2019

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Who knew I would have to say... me too.

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It happened... that thing I only hear about. the feeling... the uncomfortable feeling. that moment, when a gaze becomes a violation. It happened... that thing I only hear about. The moment a calm demeanor becomes a quicksand of wanting to hide When the body cringes and consciously yearns to cover itself It happened... that thing I only hear about. The invasion of comfort the tearing down of respect. the understanding of fear to "speak up." The connection to feeling wrong for allowing this moment... these moments, to affect this strong, fragile mind. It happened... that thing I only hear about.

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    Well, welcome back. Good to have you here again.

    And you come back quite well, indeed. A lovely submission.
    Thank you KT, now that I have an adequate device, I hope I get in the flow of writing again. Smile
    Nice imagery and wording. Welcome back!
    Thank you Darkfire, Im excited to be back Smile
    I was so disgusted by the rating some ass gave you I forgot to commnet. This was a great piece of writing. It talks about what we all feel and never say.
    It was an very quiet writing that added to its quality.
    Thanks Don, I appreciate the feedback! You are one of the honest reviewers on this site. Smile