Poem written by Setu on Thursday 7, November 2019

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To vent my imotions.

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It can't be explained in words or phrases, Nor could it be found like elements in abundance or traces. You can't mould it, Or catch hold of it. It's just an adjective, Happens without any objective. It gives you a lot of pain, Makes you insane. It's a terrible feeling, So it needs a deep healing. The one eyed green monster, Is a coward trickstar. Don't cook up facts or fiction, Go and find out the real reason. Come on acknowledge your guilt, A bit of confidence you need to built. Talk and resolve the matter, The world is a beautiful place, Friends and family makes it better.

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    Wow, quite good. You present the problem, and then the solution. Interesting.
    I can tell this was written with emotion. The only phrase that bothered me a bit, was... "Nor could it be found like elements in abundance or traces" The poem is mostly written in present tense, however the word "could" reflects in past tense. That's my only feedback. well done.