Frightacular Night

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Monday 28, October 2019

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Halloween poem

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The graveyard tenants, who have until this day, serenely rest upon this sacred site. On Hallow's Eve they'll resurrect and celebrate this holiday with frightmonsterous delight. When the night settles and the moon pulsates with gloom, witches shall fly up high on Autumn's wind and cackle as they circle about on their bewitched brooms. But first, they'll have to reconvene and conjure up their greatest batch, equal to none. Twelve frogs and bats, ten toads well crushed; Stir it three times then, POOF, it's done. Children stay calm and do not fear nor cry. You might just miss this ghoulish special night. And if you listen carefully and watch. you might just hear a werewolf howl or Frankenstein just stumping by ...... The mummy's wrappings have come undone. In compromising places, he's missing great huge chunks. He'll have to borrow from his mummy wife, pieces of cloths to cover his behind. Dracula is always running late. His fifty brides just know he's out taste-sampling the blood of virgin maids. If this is true, he will not say. He hopes they do not notice, anyway....... When he flies in, there'll be a spat. For centuries now, they've run the home; That how the castle chores have always gotten done. "Igor, your servant, is always gone; right after you, his master, leave when it turns dark." Zombies will soon initiate, the hunt and in games monsters, vampires and ghosts shall participate. Most dance, some sing and others even cry. Just like we humans do, they also fight those things that they don't like. They'll cheer and growl, It's all for laughs..... The best frightacular night, they've had in a long while.... written on: October 26, 2019

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    Superb! Very nicely done! Trick or Treat? Grin
    This poem reminded me of the 80's Movie, "Monster Squad." I was feeling a bit nostalgic reading this poem. Smile I did have some issues with the flow. The rhythm, for me, wasn't fluid based on the grouping of the sentences. I would have also enjoyed some grammar. Aside from that, I really enjoyed the imagery. Grin