Katherine is Lost

Poem written by Robert Scott Morris on Sunday 22, September 2019

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A poem about the ravagers of Alzheimers.

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Katherine, a life of wonder. Friends amazed at her style. Wisdom beyond most years. Just her presence causes a smile. Everyone enriched by knowing her. Puts all others before herself. Helps anyone asked or not. Her own problems placed on the shelf. Elegance beyond reproach. She just seems to have that effect. Tasteful is an understatement. From everyone the utmost respect. Always a kind word to say. Her parties are a grand affair. Possess pride just from knowing her. Marvel at her manner and flair. But cracks are beginning to show. Some noticing changes appear. You believe, but don't want to. Making excuses based out of fear. The differences, small and subtle. Her glow is becoming dimmer. Her light is not as bright. Her aura is losing its glimmer. Familiar faces, not so familiar. With others becoming more cross. Names she finds harder to recall. We are slowly witnessing a loss. Katherine is slipping away. If not in body, in spirit and mind. The world will be the worse for it. A classier woman you will not find. Everyone awaits the verdict. A wonderful life about to exhaust. Katherine has been slowly leaving us. Word just came down, Katherine is lost.

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    Very sad. You paint a good picture of this debilitating condition.
    My mother had Dementia the last few years before she died. It was quite painful to watch her mind decay.

    I hope that this poem was not an experience in your life.