Our Little Garage in The Back

Poem written by Robert Scott Morris on Saturday 21, September 2019

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Growing up with a garage in the back yard.

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A two car garage of cement blocks. The tools we needed on the rack. Winter was cold, summer was hot In our little garage in the back. Many a race cars built. Everyone winners on the track. All designed, built and rebuilt, in our little garage in the back. Go-karts, mini bikes and coasters. Music supplied by an 8-track. A replica of Coweta Raceway, next to our little garage in the back. Learned to build what we wanted. Must be done right, was cut no slack. Fast but safe, before it could leave our little garage in the back. Lives shaped in the home they say. But I believe it to be fact. Boys become men while building in a little garage in the back. The workers just doing their job. Came down with a sudden loud crack. They tore it down and hauled away our little garage in the back. I'm older now, thinking of my past. All the cars built and painted black. I finally have to call my own. a little garage in the back.

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    You have done a great job of capturing the small things that impact lives and leave a lasting impression in the memories of friends and loved ones. I really enjoyed this.
    Great flow of rhythm. Simple words yet expressive of how childhood shapes the future.
    Superb. A wonderful reflection on life.