La Paloma Ciega (The Blind Dove)

Poem written by Robert Scott Morris on Friday 20, September 2019

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A blind dove landed on my patio

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Not much going on on my life. I chose to sit around and brood. I really hated the nightlife Preferred the alone of my solitude. Noises form the patio I didn't know. Like a chirping, but more like a whimper. A bird perched on the railing. It's cold outside in mid November. A small white dove landed there. Close, but not too close I sat down. Didn't seem to be afraid of me. Was white with small streaks of brown. Somethin' was not quite right. I couldn't place it at first. It's eyes blinked and moved freely. But not together, like a band unrehearsed. I tried to be quiet and still. He saw me and crouched in the corner. Trying my best to be calm. So as not to scare this little newcomer He seemed to want to be friendly. But his animal instincts kicked in. I tried a strategy hoping for this budding new friendship to begin. I ran to the store for some seed. Placed as close to him as I could. I crouched on the floor and waited. Reminded of a bird from childhood. Short time later he moved closer. While making his whimpering sounds. Whispered to him in a soothing voice. Seemed to work, slowly he turned around. Could see now what I couldn't see then. This little white dove was blind. He seemed to be getting used to me. I seemed to give him peace of mind. He walked to where I sat. I was quiet and very still. He jumped on my leg , into my lap. Claws so light they gave me a chill. He ate all the seeds from my hand. Just sat there making his sounds. No longer seemed scared or afraid. slowly he lowered his head down. Thought I had made a friend for life. I did everything I could to save ya. Despite my best efforts to win you over. The Lord called home, Little Paloma Ciega. R. S. Morris

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