Broken Legacy - The Cursed Blades Swordsman

Fantasy written by DSlayer on Saturday 14, September 2019

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The intention of this story was for it to be created as a manga or Webtoon unfortunately I am an amateur writer and lack the artistic skills to do so. It is still a good story though.

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Exposition In the beginning of time, magic has raised some eyebrows and provided questionable statements due to its origins. How was man able to manipulate fire, to control the seas, to utilise the air or bend the very fabric of what was perceived as reality? Many humans have viewed magic with dread while some have begun to understand the fundamental elements and where it originated from. It is said that earlier practitioners of what was known as black magic had commune with demons to obtain their knowledge about the elements and gain power. These demons taught them how to harness the power of all the magical elements however it came with a terrible price. That price was the loss of one’s soul to the demon they had made the pact with, upon their death. What they did not know is that the ability to use magic passed down per generation damning their children as well to the demon that the pact was made with. Evidence had pointed towards demons being the first manipulator of magic and masters of these destructive forces or so mortals were led to believe. Elder demons were taught magic by powerful beings across the cosmos which commanded each magical element. (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light, Shadow, Life, Death, Space & Time) These powerful beings exists even to this day in the places existing in outworld. This story follows a middle age samurai in Japan (1600's) who had begun to get weary from fighting. Known as a master assassin, duel wielding two cursed katanas his skills was well known, feared and in demand. Putting an end to 'the way of the assassin, ' he settled down with a young woman who owned a tea shop in a world filled with ruthless magic users trying to gain fame, notoriety and wealth. This is his story....

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    Okay, you need a good proofing on this. You have a lot of poorly structured sentences and some bad grammar.

    On the plus side, you have what appears to be the beginning of a good plot. I would like to see where you go with this.
    Kt hit on the problems so I have nothing to add to that. This has promise, you should continue it. Maybe get with someone here that can help you work out the kinks.