They asked the broom, "Where is your chocolate?!"

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 27, August 2019

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An absurd poem with religious undertones.

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They asked the broom, "Where is your chocolate?!" "A chocolate home is in the mountains.", the broom replied. "You have plastic on you!" they cried! "That I have, and so has my soul! For a plastic body is supple and cannot break!" the broom whispered. They shouted, " 'the fuck is this?! Rumi's cousin?! Who would have guessed! A broom is fussin'!" And so they burned broom for other brooms to see, "To make chocolate is your sole destiny!" And so rose the smoke from the dead broom and traveled to the mountains.

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    lol Tell me, was it prophesized that the broom would get burnt? Cool
    I don't know. YOU tell me.