Screenplay for a yet to be named story (First act)

Story written by Herobrine King on Sunday 18, August 2019

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A story of a sexualy abused boy who finds a new life in Birmingham. A life of music.

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THE INTRODUCTION BRIAN, JAY, ELISABETH, XANDER BRIAN AND JAY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO THEIR NEW HOUSE, IT ISN'T EXACTLY WHAT THEY EXPECTED, BUT IT WILL DO FOR THE TIME BEING. THE SHOT HAS THEM EXITING THE CAB AND TAKING THEIR LUGGAGE. BRIAN IS TAKING OUT TE BAGS AS JAY LOOK AT THE HOUSE WITH AN UNIMPRESSED FACIAL EXPRESSION. Jay leaves the car as his father takes out their bags. He stands on the side walk. Brian pays the cab and the car leaves. Brian takes his son by the shoulder and smiles. Jay doesn't return the smile. They walk inside. ELIZABETH IS EXITING THE HOUSE AND SAYING GOODBYE TO HER SON. SHE GETS INTO THE CAR AND DRIVES OFF. Elizabeth just left for work and Xander is left alone, he sighs and goes inside CAMERA FOLLOWS HIM INSIDE AND A SMALL MONTAGE START Xander is making tea, feeding his cat and then goes up stairs. Looks out of the window from his room as he is sipping his tea and sees a moving truck coming and Brian taking out boxes. He also sees jay in his room threw his opened window. Jay closes the window. Xander continues to sip his tea. THE SHOT GOES OUT OF THE WINDOW AS HE SITS IN FRONT OF HIS PIANO AND STARTS PLAYING THE INTRO MUSIC TO THE FILM. THE TITLE IS SHOWN TO THE AUDIENCE AND THE SHOT CUTS TO JAY ALONE IN HIS ROOM LISTENING TO SILENCE AS HIS FATHER COMES IN. BRIAN Son, do you mind helping out over here? Son? Come on please, I need your help. Jay doesn't bat an eye and just sits there. BRIAN I don't know how you are feeling right now. But it would be greatly appreciated if you helped your old man out. Your mother was horrible to you and I am so so sorry I didn't find out earlier. How about an ice cream later? JAY I am not for ice cream right now dad. I... I just need some time. Brian sighs and leaves the room, then the truck driver outside turns off the engine of the truck. A faint piano tune wanders into Jay's ears. He goes outside and looks into the house next door. A great window stands at the far left and through it Jay sees a figure. He squints and looks closer. There is a black baby grand piano in the view and someone playing it. Their back is turned to the window, you can not see his face. He finishes the peace. Picks up his cup of tea and leaves the window, not turning his face to the window. Jay's dad asks him what he is doing. BRIAN What are you doing son? Is everything OK? JAY Yes, yes it is. BRIAN What are you looking at? JAY I saw... nothing. It's nothing. You said you need help. BRIAN Huh? Uh yeah, yeah, of course. I need you to take these to the inside please. Jay takes the box and his father smiles at him. Brian then turns around takes another box. Jay turns to the window to and empty leather covered stool stool of a piano. LATER THAT DAY JAY, BRIAN It took a lot of time to move in all the stuff inside but it is finally done. Jay is sitting in the dining room with his arm crossed, leaning back in his chair. His father thanks the truck driver and the truck leaves. Brian goes back into the house. BRIAN Do you need anything? Are you hungry because I am starving. JAY Yeah I am hungry too. Brian notices something is up with Jay. Jay is looking into a blank wall on the other side of the room. Brian sits down next to him, and they start to talk. BRIAN Son, i know how hard this must be, I moved several times form those I loved from the places I knew. Trust me this is for your own good. I am sorry for what your mum did I... JAY What exactly are you sorry for? The fact I was sexually abused and used so my mum could make money? Or is it for all these scars and misshapen parts of my body I have due to several broken bones that healed incorrectly... BRIAN For ALL of it. OK? Your mother... JAY Don't mention her! BRIAN OK, I was told you didn't want to see me again. That you hated me for what I did. JAY You mean when you cheated on mum 18 years ago? BRIAN I am sorry, I don't know what to do so I can redeem myself. But I am so sorry I didn't find out earlier. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. JAY I hope so too. There is a pause for a few moments and Brian takes his son by the shoulder. JAY Dad can I ask you something? BRIAN Anything. JAY Who lives in the house next door? BRIAN I don't know them but the driver truck driver told me they were the White family. Why? JAY Nothing, nothing just... curious I guess. BRIAN OK. What do you want to eat? How about a pizza. Then Brian smiles at his son, but Jay just looks down. Brian takes his head and kisses him on the side of his forehead. Jay frowns for a moment and Brian gets up. THE NEXT SHOT IS OF JAY SITTING ON HIS BED AND LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW WITH ALL THE BOXES AROUND THE FLOOR. HE SITS THERE AND LOOKS AT THE BOY NEXT DOOR, WRITHING SOMETHING ONTO A SHEET OF PAPER AND THEN PLAYS IT, HIS WINDOW IS OPENED VERTICALLY, THE SOUND OF THE PIANO'S NOTES CREEPS INTO HIS EARS. Jay's cheeks start running with tears, as the peace progresses. Jay then lies down staring into the sealing. He falls asleep as the peace of peaceful music ends. His dad walks in, smiles at his son's peaceful slumber, closes the window, and puts a blanket over him. In the night a night mare came to haunt Jay. He is sweaty from all the fear. He is restless in his bed then wakes up in a cold sweat. That very moment his father walks in. BRIAN Son? Son! are you OK? Jay can not speak properly. He is mortified, he is loosing his breath. Brian sits on his bed beside him and hugs him. Jay is clinging like onto dear life. JAY Oh my God, oh my God they are coming for me. They are coming for me. BRIAN Sh... they are not coming here, you are safe. They are not coming. Calm down. It's just a nightmare. There's nothing that can hurt you here... Father's gentle and reassuring words, drive away the demons, and tears are let to flow. THE SLOW BACKING UP OF THE CAMERA LEAVES THE FATHER AND THE SON. THE SHOT FADES TO DARKNESS THE MORNING IN THE NEW HOUSE BRIAN, JAY, ELISABETH Brian just got up, naturally, e didn't have any more nightmares. He gets out of bed and steps on a sleeping bag his dad placed there to keep an eye on his son in case that the nightmare returned. He walks downstairs and his dad is already up and making breakfast. BRIAN Oh you're awake, do you feel OK? Last night you had a horrible nightmare, I heard you from the other side of the house. JAY I am fine. And I don't need you sleeping in my room, I am not a child any more dad. BRIAN Jay, I just wanted to be there if you had another nightmare. Here's your omelet and toast. Jay takes the plate and eats it with a grudge, almost like an animal. Brian is looking at him worried. BRIAN I found a job later today I will be going for an interview... Is everything OK? You seem like you need some fresh air. How about we go for a run later? Huh? Just you and me? JAY No! I don't want to! BRIAN OK, OK I just thought I would offer... BRIAN I am going to stop by a store, want anything? JAY A beer... BRIAN Son, I can't allow that. JAY Why!? BRIAN Because that is the last thing you need right now. You can not get alcohol. At all. If you want a snack or a bottle of juice I will get you that but, never alcohol. And I think you need to go see a therapist, a psychologist. JAY I don't want to see any therapist or anyone. All they do is feed you false words. Those are all lies. If you want to help me, then get me a ticket back to New York. Jay leaves in a fit of rage and Brian takes himself by the head. Jay stomps to his room and sees the kid next door playing something. He opens the window. And starts listening. His dad the leaves the house and goes for a run. Jay watches him leave. As the music is playing he starts crying, he bangs on the night stand, then sits on the floor and sobs. THE CAMERA THEN CHANGES FOCUS TO BRIAN AS HE IS COMING BACK FROM HIS JUDGE. ELISABETH IS LEAVING THE HOUSE AND RECOGNISES BRIAN. She is exiting her house and walking to her car. She looks at Brian who has a bag with ice cream, and she recognises him. ELISABETH Brian Miller? Is that you? Brian stops and looks over. BRIAN Um... do I know you? ELISABETH Well of course you do. It's me Elisabeth from high school. Remember? BRIAN No way! Elisabeth, what... how... Hold on What are you doing here? How are you? We haven't seen each other for like 25 years. ELISABETH I could ask you the same question? It has been a long time. I am good just of to work. BRIAN I barely recognised you. I just moved the other day with my son. ELISABETH That is so wonderful. Where is Alice? How is she. BRIAN I don't care at all. That's why we moved. ELISABETH Why? What happened? BRIAN She hurt my son. So I got a divorce and moved here with my son. Jay. ELISABETH Oh my... Well you absolutely have to tell me all of it but I need to go now I am already late 10 minutes. Maybe later today, at my house, for a cup of tea? BRIAN Yeah that would be nice. ELISABETH OK, good. I am really sorry i have to go. My boss is going to murder me. Bye and say hi to your son. BRIAN I will. See ya. She rushes of to work and Brian returns home. Once he walks into the house, there are almost no boxes around. He is confused. BRIAN Jay, are you here? I brought some ice cream. Hello? Brian walks over to the kitchen to see Jay sorting plates and cutlery, He has headphones in his ears. BRIAN Where are all the boxes...? Aha I get it. Jay is putting stuff where he thinks they belong. And Brian is positively surprised. He starts tearing up, puts the bag onto the table and leaves the room. GOING FOR A VISIT XANDER, BRIAN, ELISABETH, JAY Jay is listening to the kid next door, he is playing an intense composition, when he suddenly stops turns to the door and then leaves the room. His father calls him downstairs. BRIAN Jay come here I need to ask you something. Jay sighs arrogantly and goes downstairs. JAY What? BRIAN First I wanted to thank you for unpacking some of those boxes it is a lot easier to walk around. And I am going to visit an old friend of mine, and I was wondering if... JAY Nope, nice talk, bye. BRIAN But... OK you do you. I'll be back in an hour or so. BRIAN LEAVES THE HOUSE KIND OF DISAPPOINTED. THE NEXT SHOT IS IN THE WHITE FAMILY HOUSE. THE KID IS ARGUING WITH HIS MUM She is preparing tea and biscuits, he is standing next to the stairs with crossed arms. ELISABETH He is going to be here any moment now. And I want you to meet him. XANDER And this old friend of yours is significant to me is what aspect exactly? Is he so important that I can't even go and practise for my performance next month? The entirety of the city is going to be there and I am not ready. ELISABETH Honey, to me you sound ready. XANDER It may sound like it's ready to you but I am still making mistakes, hitting flats instead of sharps, loosing rhythm and I need to practise. Ever since dad left I used music as an escape and... are you really taking that away from me? ELISABETH Xander I am sorry about what happened between me and dad, but we weren't happy together any more. You can go and practise, OK? But can you at least stay to say hello? XANDER Fine! The doorbell rings. ELISABETH Here he is here. Xander groans and goes to the kitchen to take a cup of tea. She opens the door and Brian walks in. ELISABETH Hi, I'm so glad to see you. Come on in. BRIAN Thank you. Brian walks in, gives Elisabeth a little git and takes a look around. Xander walks over. BRIAN What a wonderful home you have. ELISABETH Thank you. Oh I would like to introduce you to my son, Edward. Edward this is Brian Miller, an old friend. XANDER Nice to meet you. I am Edward Alexander White, but people call me Xander. BRIAN Nice to meet you. The two shake hands XANDER Now if you will excuse me. I have a few pieces of music to master. You two have a wonderful night without me, because I have more important business to attend to. Xander leaves and his mum is embarrassed by his behaviour. ELISABETH Xander! I am so sorry Brian, he has been like this since his father left. BRIAN No it's fine. I have a worse one at home. I didn't know you married, and had a kid. ELISABETH Yeah, I was married but then we just grew distant. Xander hasn't left the house the whole summer. He is just playing. BRIAN Video games? ELISABETH No, no his piano. They go and sit down. Xander starts playing an emotional peace, and it is heard downstairs. THE CAMERA WILL CHANGE FOCUS FROM XANDER AND JAY, JAY IS SITTING AT HIS NIGHT STAND AND XANDER IS PLAYING THE PIANO. BRIAN Is that... your son? It's wonderful. ELISABETH Yeah it is, he is my little genius. I don't know how I would live without him. But any ways, how's your son? BRIAN He is broken. His mother used him, for making money. She would give him to anyone that could pay. They would do what they wanted with him. ELISABETH Oh my God is he OK? BRIAN No, not at all. He is empty, a hollow person. He isn't interested in anything, he has nightmares, he almost started drinking, he is physically disfigured. He didn't leave the house at all since we moved. ELISABETH That's... I am so sorry. Brian. I can't even imagine what you are going through. You know what? Xander has a masters in physiology, maybe he could help. BRIAN I don't think he would want to come. He barely trusts me. THE SCENE ENDS WITH CAMERA LOOKING AT JAY. THE MUSIC ENDED SO HE LOOKS THROUGH THE WINDOW AND SEES XANDER CRYING AT THE PIANO. A FEW WEEKS LATER BRIAN, JAY, XANDER, ELISABETH IT'S THE AFTERNOON AND XANDER IS PLAYING, NEXT TO HIM IS A TABLE WITH A PLATE AND A CUP OF TEA. Jay is looking, and listening through his opened window, moved by the music. Xander takes a pause and sips a bit of tea. For the first time showing his face to Jay. While Xander is drinking his tea, he notices Jay out of the corner of his eye. Jay panics and hides. A car pulls over to the White family house, xander sees it and goes to open the door. Jay peeks from the bottom of the window, sighs when he sees him opening the front door to a older man. Xander shakes his hand and invites him inside. Later that day Xander usually plays but is nowhere to be found. The next day he can not see or hear Xander playing. He gets upset. In the evening Brian comes back from his job as a barrister. BRIAN Jay I am home! Jay runs down the stairs. And surprises Brian BRIAN Woah kid, slowdown. Is everything OK? JAY I need to tell you something. They go to the dining room. And Jay tells his father everything. JAY There's this guy next door. He plays piano and I always open the window... and I listen to him play. It makes me feel safe, calm. Before I organised the kitchen I heard him play and... he makes me forget everything that happened. Jay's eyes are filled with tears. JAY Yesterday afternoon he didn't play. I didn't even see him. I am scared. Some man came in yesterday and today... I don't know. BRIAN Hey, hey. Come here. It is going to be OK. I am sure what ever it is it will pass. There is always a logical explanation. JAY Can you go and ask? Please. I need to listen to his music. Brian sighs and agrees. He nods and hugs his son even tighter. BRIAN LEAVES THE HOUSE AS ELISABETH IS GETTING HOME. Brian walks over. Elisabeth is taking her briefcase out of the car and notices Brian. ELISABETH Hello Brian. BRIAN Hey is your son home? ELISABETH Yeah, why? The door opens and an old man exits with Xander. He leaves without a word. XANDER Thank you again, Mr Scott and see you in the next tree months. Oh hi mum, you're late. Good evening Mr Miller. BRIAN Good evening, Xander. Can we talk to you for a moment? Xander is confused and looks at both with a curious look. They walk into the house and Brian explains everything. Xander is in the armchair, and the two of them are on the sofa. Xander is kind of annoyed and isn't making eye contact. BRIAN He told me that when he listens to you play he feels free from his past. XANDER So what do you want me to do. BRIAN He was just wondering if you stopped playing or if something happened to you. XANDER Well I am alive and well and, yesterday and today I had my piano tuned, it's an acoustic piano, they need to be tuned every 3 mouths or so depending on the use of the piano. Hold on what do you need from me then? There has to be another reason you are here. I can see it. ELISABETH The other night we were talking, and we wanted to see if... XANDER If I could help him? I doubt that he would want to talk to a therapist. I had these cases before, they will get defensive and aggressive. I am sorry but I can not help you. Good evening. He stands up and starts walking away. Elisabeth bugs Brian. On the half way up the stairs Xander addresses to them. XANDER I am free tomorrow at 3 pm. Bring him to me an I'll think of something. BRIAN IS RELIEVED, AND THEY CELEBRATE WITH A GLASS OF VINE, WHILE XANDER GOES TO HIS ROOM AND STAND IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW NEXT TO THE PIANO. THERE IS NO ONE ON THE OTHER SIDE. Xander takes a peace of paper and writes I know You are there. and sticks the paper to the window. Starts and starts playing. Jay comes out from under the window and sees the sign. He freaks out but calms right down as the music plays. Brian returns back home and meets Jay freaking out. BRIAN Jay I am home, Jay?... JAY Dad he knows. BRIAN Who? JAY The kid next door, he knows I have been looking as he played piano. Now I look like a total creep. BRIAN Hey, calm down. I told him. JAY You did WHAT?! BRIAN I know how his music means to you so, I told him. And his name is Edward Alexander White. Jay is in disbelief and is fuming on the inside. BRIAN So he invited you to come over, tomorrow at 3 pm. JAY Say WHAT NOW!? He invited ME?! BRIAN He took a liking to you it seams. What are you going to do? JAY I don't think I can go. I am to scared. I can't, what if something goes wrong, what if I... BRIAN Woah, hold your horses. You didn't even get there and you are about to fall flat on the face. Jay looks at him with an anger filled look. His father leans in and taps him on the shoulder. BRIAN It's gonna be OK. I know it will. go get some rest now. Tomorrow is a big day. JAY HUGS HIM AND GOES TO BED. BRIAN IS LEFT STUNNED IN SILENCE. HE STARTS TEARING UP AND GOES TO THE BATHROOM AND THEN TO BED. JAY GOES TO BED BUT AS ALWAYS LOOKS OUTSIDE. THERE IS A NEW SIGN. IT SAYS ONE FOR YOU. XANDER SEES HIM AND PLAYS A PEACE. THEN THEY GO TO BED. THE FIRST MEETING. BRIAN, ELISABETH, JAY, XANDER THE START OF A NEW DAY. THE MORNING PRACTISE FOR XANDER IS UNDER-WAY AS USUAL JAY IS LISTENING. HE GOES TO THE BATHROOM AND HAS BREAKFAST. HIS DAD MEETS HIM DOWNSTAIRS. JAY Morning dad. BRIAN Morning Jay. Did you have any nightmares? JAY No I didn't. I slept like a baby. BRIAN Glad to hear it. I am going now, or I will be late. He is in the house and remember 3 pm. JAY Can't you take me? BRIAN I'll see if I can get someone to cover for me. JAY OK. BRIAN See ya letter champ. JAY See ya. THE CAMERA FOLLOWS JAY AROUND THE HOUSE HAVING AN ANXIETY ATTACK. THE CAMERA CUTS TO 30 MINUTES BEFORE MEETING Jay looks at the clock and is caught in a state of shock and mild panic. He runs and takes a shower. Gets dressed clumsily and his father gets home. BRIAN Jay, are you ready I came to take you to the White's. JAY Coming! He runs downstairs and is really nervous. They go next door. Xander is looking trough the window, Jay turns to see him, Xander looks back and goes behind the curtain. They get to the door and knock. Elisabeth opens the door. ELISABETH Oh hello, I was just about to go, my shift starts soon. Welcome Jay, Xander is upstairs. JAY Xander? BRIAN That's his nickname. Oh can you give me a lift I had go of work to take Jay here. He was afraid. ELISABETH Definitely. JAY You are gonna leave me!? ELISABETH Your dad and I have organised everything. You will stay with Xander while we don't come back. That sentence gives a look of fear and shock on his face. But then the piano starts to sing. He instantly turns his head to the stairs and calms down. BRIAN Have fun. They leave and Jay doesn't say a word. Just starts walking to the sound of melody. He takes a step at a time to the top. A doors is agar and he can see Xander threw the opening. He pushes the door opened and there stands this, in his eyes, powerful man, playing. The peace only amplifies the sensation. He is playing Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement. Jay starts slowly walking to him but stubs his toe on a chest at the foot of the queen sized bed. This sound informs Xander that Jay came. He turns around and sees him jumping around on one leg and containing his pain. XANDER You should really knock before you enter into a room that is not your own. And please watch where you step. JAY Yeah sorry, so sorry. He looks at the wall and sees all of his degrees and awards just hanging on the wall. He notices a piano masters degree and a medicine degree. And then the psychology doctorate. He is shocked. XANDER Don't worry I did not invite you here to be you a therapist. JAY Why did you invite me then. XANDER I know that you like my playing, don't have to lie. I can tell that you are lying. JAY How old are you. XANDER I am a seventeen year-old. And my name is Edward Alexander White, to get the introductions out of the way. JAY Well I am... XANDER I know. Jack Tomas Miller. Please have a seat. Jay sits down at the sofa and Xander sits on the piano stool, and turns to him. XANDER I know what you have been trough. Your father told me everything. Starts playing the piano. Jay immediately starts crying. XANDER There, there feel free to cry. It's good. There are tissues on the desk. A short peace of music ends and Xander sits in his office chair. Look at Jay who is sitting on the sofa with his head in a bow. His tears slow down. And Xander gives him a the box with tissues. JAY Thank you. XANDER If you are done crying, we can begin. JAY With what? XANDER With your lessons. Your piano lessons. Jay is confused and his mouth is wide opened in surprise. Xander takes a grape from his desk and throws it into his mouth. Xander think that such gesture is funny. XANDER Don't choke on it. JAY I can't. XANDER Can't what? Choke? I assure you you can, want me to show you? JAY No, no not that! The piano lessons. XANDER Of course you can, just tell yourself that you can and you will be able to. Trust me I'm a psychologist. JAY Even if I went to your lessons I wouldn't be able to practise. You practise every day, three times per day. And you have this monster of a piano, I don't have any sort of piano, hell even a keyboard. XANDER That will not be a problem. Now come on. There is a moment of silence. And Jay looks awkwardly at Xander. XANDER Come on then. Sit at the piano! Jay is a bit scared at this point. And is getting shyer. Xander start explaining the basics of a piano is a strict and harsh voice. A MELODY STARTS PLAYING AS THE CAMERA LEAVES THE ROOM. THE SHOT CUT TO THE EVENING, TO JAY LISTENING TO XANDER'S MUSIC AGAIN. THIS TIME WITH A LOOK OF SHAME. HIS DAD WALKS IN. BRIAN So, tell me how was it at Xander's? JAY It was great. yeah great. BRIAN You are lying. Tell me what happened. Why are you let down. JAY I embarrassed myself, in front of him. I stubbed my toe as he was playing and then... I think he judging me now. BRIAN Why? And why did he invite you? JAY He knows I listen to him playing. And he invited me to teach me piano. While he was telling me about it he was harsh and cold. BRIAN I hear that piano teachers are like that, give him some time, and I am sure he will come around. And so what if judges you, don't let it get to you. JAY But it does. I love the way he plays and I... I think he might ditch me after a few lessons. The music stops with a long and low minor cord, and Xander leaves the room. BRIAN I will leave you to it then. Brian leaves and Jay starts crying as soon as the door is closed. Downstairs, after an hour and after Jay cries himself to sleep, Brian hears the door bell and opens the door. Xander is standing there with a run down cardboard box. XANDER Good evening Mr. Miller, is Jay home. BRIAN Good evening, he is but he is sleeping. What do you need. XANDER I thought to save you the trouble of buying Jay a piano, I went into the garage and found this old thing. It's not much and a peddle is busted but it should do for the time being. BRIAN Wow, I can give it to him in the morning if you'd like. XANDER I have a better idea. THE CAMERA FOCUSES ON XANDER AS HE IS SMILING AND THE SHOT ENDS WITH BRIAN LOOKING AT HIM WONDERING WHAT XANDER IS UP TO. THE GIFT FROM A TEACHER. JAY, BRIAN, XANDER Jay just woke up, he stumbles of the bed and sees a digital piano against the wall. He stands up, confused. He picks up a note that was laying on the piano, it says:Told you I was going to take care of the piano. Come to my hose today same time. Xander Jay gets a smile and sighs. Jay with glee on his eyes walks down the stairs. His father is in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. BRIAN Morning champ. JAY Morning dad. BRIAN What's up? JAY Nothing... Actually there is a piano in my room and it's from Xander. Did he come over last night? BRIAN A piano? From Xander? Brian says with a joking voice, Jay is concerned. BRIAN Maybe he broke in last night and brought it in. JAY Oh my God. BRIAN Wait no no that was a joke. Don't worry. H came by last night and left you the piano. JAY Don't scare me like that, he is rally mean at times. BRIAN Sorry. Are going over to his today. JAY He invited me to come at the same time, but I don't think I should go. BRIAN Why not? JAY I don't know. He can be mean, harsh for someone that can play such wonderful songs. BRIAN Son, he is a doctor, and they can be heartless but for someone who can make you cry with music I don't think that is the case at all. I suggest you go. JAY I hope you're right. BRIAN So are you going to go. JAY Yeah. BRIAN Great. I am going now and I will come to take you to him. JAY Thanks dad. Brian smiles at his son, Jay is looking into his plate, displaying a small amount of fear. His father ruffles up his a hair a bit before leaving. BRIAN Bye Jay, see you later. JAY Bye dad. Jay continues his meal and worries more. THE CAMERA IS FOCUSED ON JAY AND THEN CUTS TO BRIAN COMING HOME TO TAKE HIM TO XANDER'S. JAY IS SITTING IN THE LIVING ROOM, WAITING IN FEAR. Brian just came into the house. BRIAN Son, are you ready let's go. JAY Coming! He hesitantly gets on his legs, visibly shaking. He walks into the hallway. BRIAN Are you OK, you are shaking? Do you need to go to the ER? JAY No, no. I'm just scared. BRIAN You're gonna be OK. They walk out and Elisabeth is leaving the house for work. Xander is sanding in the doorway, leaning onto the frame. He is smiling and when he looks at Jay his smile fades, into a look of shame. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR DEMONS JAY, XANDER, ELISABETH, KYLE Xander is sorry for how he behaved the day before. He goes upstairs with jay without saying a word. He sits into his chair. Jay is standing next to the piano. XANDER Sorry. JAY For what. XANDER For acting like an a-hole yesterday. I should have thought about what I was doing, it was immature, unprofessional, imprudent and other adjectives that don't start with the letter I. I am sorry. JAY OK. Xander nods and stands up, walks over to him and offers a hand shake. Jay hesitated, but after a moment shakes his hand. XANDER Would you like a cup of tea? JAY Sure. Xander walks over to his desk and picks up a sheet of paper. XANDER If you remember from what we talked about yesterday, I want you to practise this for a bit until I come back. Deal? JAY Deal. Xander walks out and leaves the door half opened. Jay walks over to the piano is awe just like last time. He puts the paper on the piano and starts playing the notes. THE CAMERA LOOKS AT JAY AS HE IS PLAYING AND THE CAMERA CUTS BETWEEN JAY PLAYING AND XANDER PREPARING TEA. THE NEXT CLIP IS OF XANDER WALKING UP THE STAIRS WITH THE TEA AND LOOKS THREW THE DOOR AT JAY. HE SEAMS SO CALM, HE IS SITTING STRAIGHT UP, LOOKING PROUD. HE PLACES THE TEA ONTO THE COFFEE TABLE IN FRONT OF THE SOFA. XANDER Maestro, the tea is here. JAY What? XANDER The tea is ready. JAY Oh OK I thought you called me maestro. XANDER I did. Come on now tea ain't gonna drink itself. Jay stands up from the piano and sits on the sofa. Xander is poring tea into Jays cup and then into his. JAY Thank you. (referring to the tea) XANDER No problem. Sorry for asking but can you tell me what happened, before you moved to Birmingham? I get it if you don't want to talk about it. JAY Good because I don't. XANDER OK, sorry for asking. They sip tea without saying a word. After a moment Xander puts his tea down. XANDER You are the only person so far that talked to me for more then a day. JAY What do you mean. XANDER People hate me. I intimidate them, they feel like they are less worthy around me. I grew bitter and cold to justify that kind of behaviour from people. In school I am the genius kid who has a cork for every bottle, and I hate it. Xander starts tearing up, and goes over to the piano. Sits onto the stool and starts playing Moonlight sonata 1st movement. XANDER No friends that abide the definition of such person, only those who desire to use me for their temporary gains. I have no one but my mother and my father. Jay puts the cup down. Stands up and slowly walks over. XANDER My parents are getting a divorce, my mum is always at work or tired. My dad is busy with what ever. I don't care at this point. This piano is my only true friend. It is always here, waiting. JAY I know how you feel. Alone. XANDER Like I was framed to be a villain. Isn't it sad, that you felt so much pain that you get to say: "I'm used to it." JAY It is. Jay sits next to the now crying Xander, and puts his arm around his shoulder. Xander then brushes of his tears and turns to jay. XANDER So, did you practise what I gave you? Let me hear it. Xander stands up and listens to Jay play the exercise. THE SHOT CUT TO XANDER WALKING JAY TO HIS HOUSE. XANDER HAS HIS HANDS BEHIND HIS BACK WITH PAPERS IN HIS HAND. JAY Thanks for walking me home. I feel so stupid for even asking you. XANDER Oh no don't I get it. You are afraid that is fine. Every one is scared of something. JAY What are yo afraid of? XANDER Big crowds. Like the one I have perform in two days. That will be fun. JAY How are you going to play if you are scared. XANDER I want to know too. I guess I have until I am up on stage to figure it out. My mum enrolled me into this concert and I had to accept. JAY Why? XANDER Because I want to prove to everyone in this town that I have a heart too. And you proved to me that it is. They reach the door of Jay's house. XANDER Here we are. So I want you to practise this for next time. I suggest you practise in the morning and evening for 20 minutes. And in 3 pm you come over to me. I can come and pick you up. JAY OK. Thanks again for walking me over. XANDER No problem. I am happy to help. See you tomorrow, maestro. JAY See you tomorrow. Xander turns around and walks home, jay smiles and walks inside. XANDER FEELS RELIEVED, THE CAMERA SHOWS THAT. THE SHOT CUTS TO HIM WATCHING TV AND EATING POPCORN. HIS MOTHER RETURNS HOME. ELISABETH Hi honey. XANDER Hi mum.. ELISABETH How was the session with Jay. XANDER OK. ELISABETH Is everything OK? XANDER Yes, everything is OK. ELISABETH Are you sure? If there's something that bothers you... XANDER I said I'm fine mum! Excuse me. ELISABETH Honey? I didn't mean to... Xander leaves frustrated and his mother sits in the armchair, ashamed and sad. She goes to his room and he is playing the Moonlight sonata 1 movement. She is looking threw a slightly ajar door. He suddenly stops and takes his head in anger. THE SHOT CUTS TO HER GETTING OUT AND DRIVING AWAY. XANDER IS LOOKING THREW THE WINDOW AS SHE IS ENTERING THE CAR. SHE LOOKS UP AT HIM. HE IS FROWNING AND BREATHING FAST. HE MOVES THE BLINDS OVER. SHE GETS INTO HER CAR AND LEAVES. THE CAMERA MOVES INSIDE THE HOUSE AND LOOKS AT XANDER LAYING IN HIS BED LOOKING INTO THE SEALING. HIS CAT IS LAYING NEXT TO HIM, HE IS STROKING HER HEAD. SHE IS PURRING. CONTAINING HIS PAIN AND ANXIETY. NEXT WE SEE JAY PLAYING ON HIS PIANO, AND BRIAN LOOKING AT HIM WITH A SMILE. BRIAN Sounds kinda, boring don't you think. JAY It's just an exercise. BRIAN Aha, OK, OK... JAY Dad, are you free in two days? BRIAN I don't know why? JAY I want to go see Xander's concert. BRIAN Wait, Xander is going to perform? Where? JAY I don't know. Can you ask his mum. I want to go and support him. BRIAN I will, actually I am going to ask her right now. JAY Thanks dad. BRIAN Your welcome, hope you perform in front of an audience one day. Brian laughs and Jay gives him the are-you-kidding-me look. Brian takes his phone out and calls Elisabeth, and leaves the shot but still can be heard. BRIAN Hey Elisabeth, sorry I'm calling this late, I have to ask you something. (PAUSE) When is Xander's concert, Jay and I would like to attend. (PAUSE) Oh thank you so much. Sorry again for calling you this late, Jay told me a minute ago. AS THE CONVERSATION WITH ELISABETH IS GOING ON JAY IS LOOKING AT THE SHEET MUSIC AND SMILES EXCITEDLY. THE SHOT CUTS TO ELISABETH IN THE SUPERMARKET JUST BEFORE CLOSING. SHE IS ON THE PHONE WITH BRIAN. ELISABETH No problem, I think he would like the two of you there. I will see if I can reserve two front seats for the two of you. OK bye. She exits the store with a bag with a bag of snacks. She then gets into her car and calls her ex husband Kyle. ELISABETH "Kyle it's me. I need to talk to you. Xander is upset, and... I was wondering if you... I was wondering is you could come over later tonight. For his sake. Thank you." She goes home. She is exiting from the car and hears Xander playing and practising for his performance. A moment after Kyle comes with a cab. KYLE Hello Elisabeth. Where is Xander, is he OK? He hears the piano and smiles holding back tears. ELISABETH Sounds nice right. KYLE It sounds incredible. THEY GO INSIDE, SHE TAKES OF HER COAT AND WALKS UPSTAIRS WITH KYLE BEHIND HER. SHE OPENS THE DOOR TO XANDER'S ROOM. ELISABETH Honey? XANDER Leave me alone mum, I am practising. ELISABETH Some one wants to see you. Xander hears it but doesn't turn around. KYLE Hey, Xander. Xander turns around, and instantly gets a smile on his face. KYLE Wanna hug maybe. Xander runs over and hugs his father tight. Elisabeth is behind them looking happy, to the point of almost crying. XANDER I missed you so much. KYLE I missed you more. Mind playing me something while I'm here. Xander nods and the two men go inside the room. Elisabeth goes downstairs and pores chips and other snacks into a bole. Kyle is sitting on the sofa in Xander's room and listening to his performance. He is so proud, tears running down his cheek. Xander is playing an extremely difficult peace. He finishes as his mum enters the room with snacks and tea. KYLE I am impressed. I still remember you playing For Elise over and over again. XANDER I am well past that. ELISABETH Here are some snacks and a bit of tea, just how you like it Xander. XANDER Thanks mum. Xander has a beaming smile on his face. KYLE So is there something you want to tell me? Is there a girl perhaps? Wink, wink nudge, nudge. Xander chuckles. XANDER No, no there is not. Not yet at least. I hope after my concert in two days there might be one. KYLE I can't wait, honestly. Elisabeth is a bit confused as she didn't tell Kyle a thing about the concert. She quickly pulls herself back together ELISABETH Xander is going to perform in front of the entire city. Xander gestures like he is presenting a surprise, raising his hands in the air and saying:"Ta daa." KYLE I am so proud of you. Come here. Kyle stands up, Xander does to and the two hug. Kyle gives Elisabeth an angry look. Elisabeth is in a corner, she shows fear, but is ready to face the consequences. KYLE It's a big deal that concert of yours, and you need to practise so go to bed. OK? XANDER But, I... KYLE Don't worry, I'll come by tomorrow and I will judge your performance. XANDER OK. Kyle hugs him and then Elisabeth and Kyle leave the room. ELISABETH Night honey. KYLE Good night champ. XANDER Good night dad. THE CAMERA SHOWS XANDER HAPPY AND SMILING THEN TRANSITIONS THREW THE DOOR TO KYLE AND ELISABETH OUT SIDE HIS ROOM. KYLE We have to talk, about this. Kyle goes down the stirs and Elisabeth sighs and follows him. THE ARMS-RACE XANDER, KYLE, JAY, BRIAN, ELISABETH THE SHOT STARTS WITH KYLE AND ELISABETH SITTING ON THE OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE SOFA. IT WAS ABOUT AN HOUR SINCE THEY LEFT XANDER'S ROOM. KYLE Is he asleep? ELISABETH He should be. KYLE Why did you do it? Why do I have to find out about my only son's concert from a co-worker? What did I do to you or to Xander to deserve this treatment. ELISABETH I... Xander... KYLE Spit it out. ELISABETH Xander might not be your son. KYLE What...? Of... Of course he is my son. What do you mean he isn't my son. ELISABETH I cheated on you 18 years or so ago. (STARTS TO CRY) I couldn't tell you after out 2 miscarriages, I couldn't destroy you. When I saw you with him in your arms... I just couldn't. KYLE (STUNNED CAN NOT SPEAK) Oh my God... Why did you then trying to take him away from me? Maybe he isn't my biological son, but he is still my Xander. (STARTS CRYING) Are you here tomorrow? ELISABETH I leave at 2:30 pm. KYLE OK I will come by in 3 pm. I don't want to see you, when I come to support my son. Kyle starts walking away and Elisabeth grabs him by the arm. ELISABETH Please don't tell him. KYLE I won't, you will. Rips his hand from her and leaves the house. She is left sobbing, failing to contain her sorrow. THE CAMERA LEAVES THE HOUSE WITH KYLE LOOKING AT ELISABETH CRYING. THE CAMERA THEN SWITCHES FOCUS ON KYLE AFTER THE DOOR CLOSES BEHIND HIM. IT SHOWS KYLE WALKING FAST AND CRYING. HE STARTS RUNNING AWAY. THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM BRIAN, ELISABETH, JAY, KYLE, XANDER The new morning came and Jay is waking up. After the bathroom he goes takes a shower and meets his dad downstairs. His dad is on the phone. BRIAN But I he is a sick kid. He has PTSD and those lessons are helping him. (PAUSE) OK, I understand, it won't happen again. OK, have a nice day. (SIGHS) JAY Who was that? BRIAN My boss, I can't take you to Xander's any more or I will be fired. Jay is confused and shocked. BRIAN I am sorry. I, I'll figure something out. JAY Maybe, maybe Xander can come and take me to his house? BRIAN If you can convince him, I guess that would work. I am sorry son I really am. (PAUSES) Hey I forgot to tell you. Tomorrow 8 pm we will go to Xander's concert, if you are ready. JAY I think I am, but I don't want him to know. I want to surprise him. BRIAN If you say so. I gotta go now or my jerk of a boss will fire me faster then a bullet. Bye Jay. JAY Bye dad. Jay finishes his breakfast and goes to practise like Xander told him. He is in his room periodically looking over to see if Xander is there, to ask if he can come pick him up. After a few unsuccessful times trying to spot Xander, he appears in his room as his mum is leaving. He waves at him. Xander notices and opens the giant window vertically. Jay does opens his window to. XANDER How is my favourite student? JAY I am your only student. XANDER I know. What do you need? JAY My dad can't take me to your house, or he will be fired from his job if he does. So, I was wondering if you could... XANDER Come and pick you up. Sure no problem. I'm on my way. JAY Thanks. XANDER Your welcome. Xander walks over and takes Jay to his house. They immediately go upstairs. Xander bring in snacks and juice from last night. JAY What is this all about. XANDER My dad came by last night and mum bought these. Want some. JAY No thanks. XANDER You have to, come on. JAY Fine. He takes some chips and the door bell rings. XANDER Oh oh oh, he's here. JAY Who? XANDER My dad, don't worry he's cool. Xander goes downstairs and opens the door. He hugs his dad. KYLE Hey champ! How are you. XANDER Brilliant, it's so good to see you. Now I have a friend upstairs I am teaching him piano and he came over for a lesson, he also has Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, so please be careful and gentle. KYLE I thought it was just gonna be me and you. XANDER I did to, but I am helping him recover from his trauma with the piano. KYLE So you're staring a private ordination? Nice XANDER Kind of. He doesn't actually know I am treating him. So be quiet OK? KYLE Deal. They walk upstairs, and into Xander's room. Jay is sitting at the piano and revising. XANDER I see you are revising sounds good from what I remember. Jay I would like you meet my dad. Jay, my dad. Dad, Jay. KYLE Nice to meet you. I am Kyle. JAY Nice to meet you. My name is Jack but people call me Jay. XANDER So let me see how are your practises coming along. Xander goes over to the desk to find a copy of the sheet he gave to Jay. Kyle sits at the sofa. Jay sits at the piano. Xander finds the sheet and places it on the piano. XANDER OK, let's see. Just relax and play. THE SHOT SHOWS JAY PLAY THE SHEET IN FULL WITH NO MISTAKES. XANDER Very good, now faster. JAY PLAYS THE SHEET AGAIN FASTER WITH NO MISTAKES. XANDER I am pleasantly surprised. Now play the it again as fast you possibly can. JAY DOES IT AGAIN FASTEST HE CAN WITH NO MISTAKES. XANDER I should have gone into teaching, because you impressed me. How long did this take you like a day? JAY Yeah. KYLE Watch out Xander, your student might overtake you in talent. XANDER Hey it's a win in my book. KYLE Fare enough. XANDER Now Jay I want you to take this sheet and follow as I play for a bit is that OK? JAY It in deed is. XANDER Brilliant. Shall we. Xander start playing and his father starts tearing up, reminded of what Elisabeth told him. Threw out the peace, Kyle is brushing off tears. Xander finishes and turns to Jay. XANDER OK jay, tell me how many sharps are there in the peace? JAY Two. F# and C# XANDER Good. What is the tempo of the peace? JAY 90 beats per minute...? XANDER Correct, and finally. Is the una-corda peddle used anywhere in the peace? JAY Yes. In measure 28 and continues to be used until measure 34. XANDER Brilliant. You are a fast learner. Like scary fast. Jay smiles and looks down a bit. KYLE It turned out you are an amazing teacher. JAY He is. KYLE Why am I not surprised. XANDER Why don't we celebrate! With an improvisation, by yours truly? KYLE That would be nice to hear. JAY Oh oh oh, how about you arrange a peace on the spot? XANDER That is a wonderful idea. What should I arrange? KYLE Pirates of the Caribbean theme? You love that film. Xander smiles and goes over to the piano. Kyle takes out his phone and starts recording. Xander destroys it, moving up and down the piano. From high to low and playing faster then he ever thought he could. Once he finished he turn around. Jay and Kyle have their mouths wide opened. Xander takes a cheese ball and throws it into Jays mouth, and giggles. Then they all start to laugh.

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    Okay, it is obvious that English is not your first language. You need a good hard edit here. To wit: A peace of peaceful music. Not good. You need "A piece of peaceful music." Or perhaps selection would work better. Check a dictionary for the difference between "piece" and "peace."

    Now, there is a format for writing a screenplay. It is strictly adhered to in the industry, because the format is easy to read. One assumes that directors, producers, actors, etc. will be reading it. Here is an example:

    SCENE: A cheap bar. Hector and Achilles are sitting at the bar on barstools, sipping beer. Agamemnon is behind the bar, polishing mugs.

    HECTOR: So, Achilles, you know my brother will not fight you. I must. And the gods have told me I will lose. I do not fear death. Will you give me a proper burial?

    ACHILLES (Lying): Most assuredly. I always honor my enemies.

    AGAMEMNON: Snickers

    Get the idea?