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Essay written by Don Roble on Tuesday 30, July 2019

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Why Write? The first thing to decide about writing is why? Are you writing for yourself or for others? It does make a difference. If you‛re writing for yourself there are n
o rules. Whatever you write is correct. If you‛re writing for others. There is a world of difference. There are rules and they must be followed. The idea of you inventing a new way of writing is like swimming the Atlantic Ocean. You can dive in but you can‛t make it. The reader has to be able to understand what you write. Never use “text” language. A lot of people don‛t understand it and almost everyone will think it is amateurish. They would be right. Cute doesn‛t work. You are ridiculing your readers. Use common English or whatever language your readers are. Long words add nothing to your writing any more than one syllable words the whole way through. If this is too difficult you should only write for yourself. Keep a journal or a notebook for your writing. Never show it to anyone. Put in your will that all your writings be burned. Write in some sort of code if you can. Do anything but show it to someone. Your friends will be too kind to tell you your writing is junk. It is but they‛re your friends. When writing for yourself, forget grammar and spelling. Forget sentence structure and paragraph structure. Don‛t concern yourself with any of the rules. They don‛t matter. If you are writing for others there are rules and things you have to do. I‛ll write more about his at a later time.

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    Good points. Thanks for the wisdom.
    This a great reminder for me, and much needed education for new writers. Thanks for the post!
    Very nice bit of wisdom here, Don. And it is all quite true.
    Yea, some good advice to take way from that, Don.
    "If you‛re writing for yourself there are n
    o rules. Whatever you write is correct."

    C'mon, Don. This is also true if you write for the tabloids or pen the odd speech for Don Trump....or even if you actually are Donald Trump.
    For regular people (not me & certainly not you) I would agree with everything you've said except 'txt tlk.'
    I love text talk, although I do agree that it appears amateurish. But that's why I love it!
    With modern mobile phones and contracts and free this and free that, there is no need for abbreviated wording. In 'the old days,' when you were charged per character, you could understand the 'word economy.' Now, text talk is for the lazy. Exactly the kind of people writers like ourselves can thoroughly take the piss out of.
    Ass alwayz, gud wrk, Don.Wink
    Damn it, Rob, I should have said something about making up British words. I have had some doubts about some of your words. If you read the Rob Saga, you will see what I mean.
    This is perfect
    Thank you for your knowledge it’s appreciated.