A Mask

Poem written by jinx on Friday 19, July 2019

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an old poem about two people

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A Mask She was always smiling Every day was cheerful beautiful She was always the first to congratulate an achievement and the first to extend a hand when tragedy struck She was loved
He was always frowning Every day was empty For there was no reason and no emotion to smile for
She was sought after A crowd of friends for she had no foe followed with laughter and awe Simply because her smile was beautiful
He was always alone They avoided him and stared For he was an enigma
She loved and cared for her friends feelings She wanted to make each day bright
He was not welcomed by those around him He kept to himself and they whispered But their thoughts meant nothing to him
She was perfect untouchable
He was ignored also untouchable
They were opposites In everything but name
Life is ever so ironic Which is why They shouldn’t have been surprised when their lives collided
He was cutting class again but he had no reason to stay in a place where he was clearly unwanted
She was cutting her arms again She had every reason to stop A good school friends– who don’t know you her mind whispered But she tried to smile
He had been wandering When he saw her the perfect student with a perfect life the apple of everyone’s eyes without a smile
She tried she really did to convince herself that it was all right But her mask was slipping And she didn’t know if she could catch it
It was more instinct really when he placed a hand on her shoulder He saw the tears longing to fall And the shining mask with a perfect smile threatening to drop and couldn’t help but catch it
She looked up to see a boy who she had never noticed before
Her eyes were empty confused she didn’t know who he was he didn’t care
When her lips formed the question he seemed to smile or at least, his frown lessened She was bewildered Shouldn’t he want to be known? Shouldn’t he want to have friends? Even if it meant–
Meant what? Lying constantly? Hiding, glancing around to make sure no one notices who you really are? He didn’t understand why some people would go so far to not be alone
She hated being alone She had spent too much time crouching by herself huddled listening to the shouts of her parents late at night But this loneliness was worse than being alone
He understood what she felt to a certain extent but he had never worn a mask
She was tired of acting Tired of pretending everything was all right Tired of being happy and longed for once to be alone
He was fine the way things were But when he watched the empty girl Take back her disguise He offered what he could a chance
to be with someone she wouldn’t have to act around
someone without a mask
They were looking for her her friends, that is, They wanted to know what was wrong how they could help They said they’d be there no matter what
She smiled and shook her head and with her mask joined the group
He watched and thought for once that he was happy
The two met again
It started as one But the relief of being together made a two and a three The two met often and spent the time talking about their lives and hopes and of the day She’ll lose her mask The two met several times and when they did One smiled and One frowned Life is truly ironic

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    I really liked this. An unusual presentation of a very sensitive and difficult subject. Nice job.
    I like your story but mostly the message it delivers, good job.