Yes, I Am A Human Being

Poem written by patsyflem64 on Monday 15, July 2019

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A poem about the vulnerability of being human

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Yes, I Am A Human Being I’m in the twilight of my life, My future now has waned. But my bewilderment with living, Still veraciously remains. For me this life confounded me, A little more each day. And far more often than I liked, I utterly lost my way. My greatest, constant struggle, Was always with myself. I was clueless how to cope with life, And all those feelings that I felt. Flaunting my humanity, In such a ruthless world. Broke my heart repeatedly, And left my soul in peril. I longed to have it all make sense, I craved some inner peace. But what I faced in living life, Just challenged my beliefs. Morality and decency, Making efforts to be kind. Were often viewed as weaknesses, In other people’s minds. Competing for some status, Measured by all that I owned. Was a part of life that I detested, And left me feeling quite alone. Not convinced I even mattered, In the scheme of every day. And so in doubt about my worth, I simply hid away. So many people that I left, Before they could leave me. And keeping safe within my walls, Is where I chose to be. I really think in retrospect, I never quite belonged. In a world where doing what was right, Ultimately proved so wrong. Our world is gray and indecisive, We are cowards in the end. And instead of living genuinely, We play at let’s pretend. So the way I finally managed life, Was to remain out of the fray. Blending into the periphery, I survived each day that way. And now inside the twilight of, A life I barely lived. I realize that I was happiest, When I was not afraid to give. Life and our humanity, Were meant to co-exist. And the power of emotions, Must never be dismissed. I admit that I’m emotional, And I feel things very deep. I laugh out loud, I rant and rave, And when I’m sad I weep. But I refuse to feel ashamed, Of how human I may be. I’m conflicted, flawed and insecure, But that’s the epitome of me. I will celebrate my humanness, I will feel with all my might. Unmasking what lies inside my heart, Till my twilight dims to night.

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    Strong and impressive. Only thing I can think of after reading this is the line. "Nice Guys Finish Last" Keep up the good work.
    Excellent. Very good.