Memories of Him

Prose written by Fictitiously imaginative on Saturday 22, June 2019

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Feelings of a heartbroken girl

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After all that they had been through together, they didn't even look at each other. She didn't know how he felt but she knew how she herself did. She had always loved looking at his face, and his eyes, the ones that she had fallen for. But right now looking at him didn't remind her of memories that would make her happy, rather all that those memories did was to go straight through her heart, tearing her down with every moment of them rewinding. Making her wish for only one thing...death. For death seemed the only option to her to rid her sinking heart from the needle- like memories that kept piercing in deeper and deeper. But she couldn't have done it herself, for she was too weak to do so. Her body tried to hide her pain from others, but her eyes, her eyes didn't even try. They showed pain that was so intense, no one could understand it existed even when it was right in front of them. Her eyes just held back tears, tears that carried the painful memories of all that they had been through together. Her and Him.

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    I don't know what this is supposed to be. You need to go a lot farther than this.
    I want to know more! There is a trickle of pain... I’m interested in her story. Heartache is oh so relatable.
    I agree with Both Don and Mad. It's like looking at the flash of a gun barrel. We see the potential and like what we see, but where is the bullet and where is the target? I would love to help out and rate, but you left us at the deep breath before the plunge.

    This is one **** of a story hook, now run with it and show us what you got. Grin
    Nicely written, but, like Don says, you can easily expand this.