City of God

Poem written by Jargon on Saturday 8, June 2019

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City of God

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City of God What does it mean to become holy? Is it to pray at dawn, and sin at dusk? how much does it take to become unholy? Is it to rape, murder and combust? Many have tried to claim the “City of God”, The sons of Abraham and Jesus all become Nimrod, All for the city of god. Look at its grandeur. The sons of Abraham and Jesus have all bled for this land. Yes, it is the city of god. Look upon its sanctity. The sons of Abraham and Jesus have all bled for this land. Yes, this is it, the city of god. To become holy, is to take the “City of God”, It does not matter how the deed is done, It could be done with both the blade, and the gun; When it comes to the “City of God”, Nothing has changed. But only how the ways of usurping have further deranged. some say, “we are holy”. And others say no you are not. Others say, “we are holy” And some say no you are not. Some say, “Yahweh!” and others say “Allahu Akbar!”; Or so, they said. The words have altered, But the deed has not. The deed is to sin, to become holy; The deed is to taint the City of God, To take the “City of God”. And thus, become the unholy? The land of Israel, Palistina Prima or Palestine; does it matter what it’s named? Does it change the truth that it is the “City of God”? Who has ever been to the land of Israel, Palistina Prima or Palestine? Have you been to the city of temples, churches and Mosques? Yes, it is the land where people are meant to pray; But instead, all you see is the blood of Abraham, broken apart; All of it in disarray. Broken like Sykes-Picot, an agreement split apart. see how they glance at one another? These two brothers, look at their look of disgust; As if they were bred for disdain to one another, ever since they rose from dust. How much is it worth? How many fathers, mothers and children will it take? What is the worth of The Holy hearth. How many dead bodies shall rake? Is it worth everything? The glory you take for god. What does god have to do with the glory? Is that splendor worth the life of a son? Perhaps it is for you; But is it for god? Look at you now, the almighty commanders of Jerusalem. The masters of the “City of God”. The sacrifice of body and limb, for the grand Jerusalem! For Jerusalem, all is fair. Murder, rape and blasphemy is not at all rare. For Jerusalem, all is righteous for it is the “city of god”, Thus, we can forget about god. Let us fight. “Deus Valt!”, “Yahweh1” and “Allah’u Akbar!”.

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    Quite a marvelous, and honest, point you make here. Wonderful job.