The news in the paper is foggy;

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Friday 7, June 2019

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The news in the paper is foggy; It belongs in certain old days. Right then, I would see them folded on my father's bookshelves and sometimes covering trays and sandwiches with oily spots. I have come to realize what they were when they assassinated a journalist. We have not read the news in the paper. "We, Arabs, need to be ruled by a fist of iron", they said. "Democracy does not suit us. It is right there in History." Then those words slipped in chunks you can almost smell: History Freedom Democracy Secularism and suddenly I remembered the journalist. They chopped off his fingers. He had reported news in the paper.

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    Ouch! Excellent. In some countries, it is all too true.
    In America, they only report bullshit, like what so-and-so wore to the theater.

    Oh, and Hitler had journalist killed he didn't like.
    Yes, Kt. We must cherish freedom of expression!