Because She Was Told She Couldn't

Biography written by sccrosa420 on Sunday 2, June 2019

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What do you do when someone tells you NO?

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When Rosa was in high school, she was told that she was a minority: she was girl and Mexican-American. Her chances of dropping out of high school were greater than graduating. Her chances of dropping out of college were greater than graduating high school. And all she thought about was not becoming part of the greater statistics. She wanted to beat the odds. Her motivation: her own mother. Her mother was a hustler. Her mother would take Rosa to sell candy apples almost every weekend since the age of seven. If you grew up in Montebello, California, chances were you would have seen her outside of Max Foods (now Albertsons) or outside of Montebello Unified Federal Credit Union (now El Camino Federal Credit Union) selling candy apples, even nachos. Though it brought extra income, Rosa did not like going to sell. Her mother thought that she was showing her what it took to gain money. Though it worked, she learned this later in life, Rosa still didn't like it. As she grew older, she knew she wanted more than just selling outside of grocery stores and banks. She wanted to wake up one day without having to worry about money. This is where her story began.

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    I would proof read this again, some grammatical errors. I want to know more about Rosa’s dreams. What does she wish to attain? What goes on through her head, other then the voices she hears from others? I love that her mother is her inspiration. There are so many inspiring lives that have lived this same premise. Keep writing
    Very nice introduction. You going to expand this? I hope so.