Strong Morphine Please

Poem written by Noeyrocks on Wednesday 29, May 2019

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Silly dark write

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Lost my faded red lighter can't believe I might have lost her Just shoot me now, I can't go on she was always there for me and my funny little tantrums Oh God someone save me! from the flood, the wreck the fire from every god damn disaster I think I'm sinking, burning alive in my own personal hell my own foolish desires quick call the doctor someone stole my only friend which was indeed my faded red lighter is this place getting smaller because it's getting hard to breathe make me forget strong morphine please

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    Hi Noeyrocks, Lonely here pretty good; message well revealed good job.
    Well, you need to edit the title.

    Quite dark, like the last poem. And, like the last poem, you could use a bit of punctuation. Other than that, you capture the mood.