Vindictive Vacation

Poem written by Noeyrocks on Wednesday 29, May 2019

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Dark humor

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I haven't found the way to heaven And I don't know who my friends are So I peeled away my victims Just to see them all unravel These others try to take me over Use my body for their pleasure But I have a plan to get rid of them I think it's time I start my engine And kick up some dust and gravel Just where did all those f@$kers go? Maybe down to Mexico... Maybe a visit to these "friends" of mine I'll pay them back for their so called time I'll take a gun and some amunitition Just in case they fail to listen Of course poison is another way To kill them all and walk away I'll buy them all a round of drinks Even wish them happy things I will smile and wave as they go down Then drive away to another town....

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    Indeed, a very dark vacation.

    Pretty good. Could use a little punctuation though, to help with phrasing.