Why Can't I Cry?

Poem written by recipeforferret on Friday 10, May 2019

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Why can't I do it?

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Sitting down and my head is bowed, I feel waves inside me at my throat. It's like the water is not allowed, not passed through to lift my boat. Emotionally obvious through solemn face, the room is darkened around me. I wish just to feel one embrace and maybe a voice to find me. Although not admitting I want to be found, conflicted, I'm wanting to be left alone. Not to talk or speak or be loud, it's hard to find the right tone. I know what I must do though, the tide is rising deep inside. With every emotion I feel low and yet why haven't I cried?

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    Very nicely done, well written, feeling is well revealed, well done.
    Excellent. And yes, sometimes it is very hard to cry.
    This poem made me sad. I understand the struggle of wanting to cry, but the body not able to release the simple freedom of tears.

    Writing is such a wonderful outlet to release those emotions. I hope you are well.