God Speaks To Me

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 20, April 2019

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The conforting feeling that lets me know God is by my side every day

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God speaks to me, when I'm alone. When hope is withering, and will's not strong. He speaks to me, with morning's light. Or tucked in safely, in bed at night. He speaks to me in peace and war, and guides me through the tempest storms. His voice, I hear when days grow dark, and solitude impales the heart. When off at work or driving home. He whispers softly, "you're not alone." He is always present; I feel Him near. No need to worry; He'll calm my fears. When He is near me, I feel no sorrow. He let's me know there's a tomorrow. written on: January 2017.

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    A wonderful prayer.