Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 20, April 2019

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Oath to my daughter Darkness

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Oh Darkness dulcet darling, our bond needs mending weave. Fate's trail is laced with sorrow; Life's bliss we must retrieve. Let variances not steer us; Or heedless goals succeed. In writer's realm your Darkness, my firstborn progeny. Your perils are my frailties; Your conquered trials my glees. Sweet dove, my daughter Darkness, a poet dwells in thee. Reveal your worth through writing; Rare seed received at birth. Unleash that talent hiding. Be freed from doubt that lurks. written on: March 30, 2019

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    Wow! Two good poems in a row! Nice job.

    It's good we are getting more poets submitting. There was a dearth of poetry for a while. My poetry, while bad, is usually terrible. So thank you very much for posting this.