Her worth

Poem written by aSin on Thursday 18, April 2019

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She needed to learn on her own. Everything takes time

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There once was a young lady, Oh how she loved to dream, Her ability to create worlds of her own, A talent like hers was unseen. She loved to run away there, To hide away from the truth, To the places where happiness found her, Where she could relive the stories of her youth. Then one day her heart was broken, Something she always expected to occur, Yet a seed was planted in her, A darkness that made everything a blur. The world she once retreated to for happiness, Now a thing that brought pain. For in each dream she saw him, A vision of pure disdain. She tried so hard to erase him, To clear him of her mind, Yet with every new dream she thought of, His silhouette was never far behind. Her heart now broken repeatedly, Once she laid her head to rest. She prayed each night to the power above, Please give me the strength to overcome this test! Night after night she awoke, Her pillowcase bathe in tears. Her once most beautiful talent, Was now the thing that she feared. Until finally one day she realized, That the power was held within, She allowed the silhouette to approach her, Now tired of letting him win. The face she loved, The body she craved, The man she once adored. Now as she looked at him, She could not help but feel deplored. She looked him deep in those eyes she remembered, How she adored drowning in them before. "You will no longer have a hold on me, I will not give you that power anymore!" So the test was finally revealed, And the young lady finally came to understand. No matter how much you love him, Your power will never belong to a man.

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    wow, truely well written, I can really relate with is piece, well done.
    I echo lonely on this. Superb work.