My Dear

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 13, April 2019

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The struggle and devotion of motherhood.

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Please, never say I wasn't warm; Hell-bent devotion for you I've shown. Wholehearted love, I gave you dear. Held you steadfast and dabbed the tears. Forfeited dreams, placed needs on hold; so you would reach coveted goals. Swaddled your flaws with mangled wings. I've sponsored and catered your every whim. Dampened my gleam, so yours would flare through. Fought umpteen battles, all this for you. Subdued the winds and lured the stars; so you would soundly sleep the nights. Worked round the clock, so you'd grow strong. You'll know 'twas so when I 'am gone. So please, don't try me too severe; No stone I left unturned for you, my dear. written on: November 4, 2018

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    " ... loured the stars" What is loured?

    Other than that, quite lovely.