Cowardice is the bliss I feel...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 9, April 2019

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Cowardice is the bliss I feel as my hunger and thirst for food and water teach me, yet again, the importance of not being thankful. I am given shelters but none feels homely. As I imagine my nakedness beneath the layers of my blanket and wool pantaloons, I remember I'm losing that corner in my head which used to remind me of its core - memory - and all I could recall is how it was; a hotbed for sleepy thoughts. Hydration follows. The hours move, reserving the right to not look back. I can now speak plainly to my fellow enemies: the spotlights in my memory have long gone. Come on in and you may grant your wish, that no man should think differently. However, I do reserve the right to be a coward.

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    Just a tad cynical, aren't we? Cool