Tom is a Peeper

Poem written by recipeforferret on Tuesday 26, March 2019

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A poem about a man called Tom and what might go on behind closed doors.

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Hello, my name is Tom but please, less about me. I know lots of things, I guess it's just my hobby. I know Janet has new curtains and John is in a mood. She didn't ask him first, and they argue over food. I know Fran comes back late and Fred is all ready to go. She is distant, moody, and doesn't at all want to know. I know Will's in some hot water. Fired or sacked, he's got blues. However Wilma has no idea and she's planning their next cruise. I know Toby lives alone his dog, Tula, keeps him sane. Ever since Tessa died, life has not been the same. I know Gareth and Gabrielle's son; the boy's morals are drifting. If only they knew how many times he has been shoplifting. I know Chris at the local council; the man has taken many bribes. Although none of this extra money is giving Chrissa any bad vibes. I know Zoe has issues. Bad news made her all boozy. It all began when her husband Zack made Fran his new floozy. Everyone's story is unique and I'm always digging deeper. Did I mention that my name is Tom and I am a proud peeper?

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    Interesting take on what goes on behind closed doors. Rhymes nicely. Minor suggestion: second stanza leave out word "now." Makes it flow better.
    Good point, agreed!
    lmao! Wonderful poem. I hope you meant to be funny, because you were. Good job! Grin