The Beast of Today

Poem written by recipeforferret on Tuesday 19, March 2019

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Look at people through the lens of individualism, not identitarianism.

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"Oppression" and "offence" are words tossed around a lot. Nouns and verbs whose true meanings that it has now forgot. It is the beast. It swipes and snipes at people caught in the web. "You said the wrong thing!" It can gobble any celeb. It is the beast. A mutilator of livelihoods, all in the name of its own sick virtue. It forgets who people really are and what they actually do stand true to. It is the beast. Its heart is in the right place, but its view on the world is twisted. It sees you on your surface, what you are, how you are listed. It is the beast. You become a drop in a deep water well. A non-unique entry of its own colour-coded hell. It is the beast. Elevating trivia and ignoring horror, with no real idea of strife, of trouble, of honour. It is the beast. Charging at ordinary humans with a broad yet shallow net. It ranks all pain and suffering, prioritising who to screech for next. It is the beast. A dangerous and contagious virus, a bug, a hydra with evil and cunning stealth. We can only hope that it will become so offended that it will start to eat itself. It is a feast.

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    If I'm interpreting your poem correctly, it's an interesting take on the other side of the "Me Too Movement." We had an interesting case here in Toronto of a famous TV personality who was called out for an impropriety by a woman who had a somewhat sketchy background. The station he worked for, rather than making a rash decision to fire or suspend him, took a deep breath and called for an independent inquiry. The accusations were found to be unfounded but just think what could have happened. In no way am I diminishing the generations of abuse upon girls and women ( boys and men as well). Finally society is taking this issue seriously. But we cannot deny those being accused of fair due process. Well written and hopefully will make people look at the issue from both sides.
    Very nice. I like this, especially the last line.