The World I Seek

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Thursday 28, February 2019

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A world of purity and kindness

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Let's build a world, where love is crowned with truth and justice we stand our ground A world where honesty defeys evil In this world all are pure and civil The pious men devote their lives to see God's will not cast aside World's children's laughters make Angels sing and God's protection their chants thus bring A mother's nurturing would cause rejoice and all Saints weep for departing souls Let's make a world Where peace and glory would supercede all wealthy ownings Where faith and mercy walk hand in hand and we all praise this wonderous land All of earth's nations would compromise embracing our differences and never fight Let's built this perfect world I seek Could start with you, or end with me written: December 24, 2016

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    I really enjoy this. Other than some spelling errors this is very well written. A strong ending.
    Very nice. Just my opinion, but I think it could use a bit more punctuation.