When personalities collide

Essay written by NvanGraan on Sunday 24, February 2019

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When cool and uncool connect to each other in life

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Personality.... most people have one. Each one is different and has its own kinks and twists. Some people loves stuff that others hate. Some has issues with things others doesn’t. Personality is defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. So what happens when this combination interferes with relationships? How do you adjust to the differences in personalities between loved ones? For some it’s as easy as “fake it till you make it”. Hiding true feelings and pretending everything is okay. Never truly allowing others to see the complete presence of their unique personality. Which brings the following question: Do they allow themselves to see the whole picture? In all its raw and imperfect glory? How can you show someone something that you yourself is not aware of? Society almost forces you to fall into a category: Popular / Unpopular... Cool / Uncool... Extrovert / Introvert. The list goes on. There’s always and acceptable and almost and unacceptable one. Which brings me to the unacceptable, uncool, unpopular side. These are the people that are so aware of and at ease with their personality, they embrace it. They only laugh at jokes they find funny. Do only things they like. Keep company with ones they can have intellectual discussions with. They are too often the ones that were always on the “outside”. Not a lot of friends. Many others find them unapproachable, rude, nerd, weirdo... all tags that hurt, and added to why they withdrew and found solitude and contempt within themselves. That is when personalities collide. When you are being your true self, and constantly have it thrown back in your face. Being honest and respectful in your best ways, and it being seen as laziness. Being branded a terrible housewife, while you are having the time of your life enjoying yourself as a mom. You can never judge a book you didn’t read thoroughly. Well you can, but you shouldn’t. Just because you don’t understand how someone operates, doesn’t give you the right to brand them as lazy, or whatever name you wanted to slap on that. If it bothers you that someone can be at ease with themselves, it might be a cry for help from your own personality to be seen and let out of the cage you put it in. Some day you might need someone to be there for you, and can I be honest? The “Society” you worked on so hard to please, won’t be there. They will back away and leave you to sort out your own problems. And to whom will you turn then? The ones you branded negatively... the ones that don’t judge. The ones who tries to heal the root of the pain, instead of the symptoms. The ones who listens intently at your problems and tries to help you find the solutions inside yourself. Be careful who you brand and who you please. Get to know yourself and learn to be at peace with it. What is the point of fighting yourself all your life? Why not enjoy yourself and enjoy your own company? Know which side to be on when personalities collide.

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    Another insightful work, Nvan, well written except for errors with English syntax. The most common errors are verbs that don't agree in number with their subjects. There are also a number of fragments or clauses that are not sentences: this is sometimes acceptable in less formal writing -- especially in dialog or when used sparingly -- but generally not in an essay or other more formal writing.

    Some people loves stuff {"love" because "people" is plural}
    Some has issues with things others doesn’t. {"have issues" "others don't" }
    “fake it till you make it”. {the . comes before the " -- at least in S.E. }
    Hiding... okay. & Never... personality. {2 not sentences; maybe join to previous with ; }
    Which brings the following question: {"brings" odd here; maybe "raises" or "brings us to" }
    In all its raw and imperfect glory? (not a sentence}
    you yourself is not aware of? {"are" 2nd person -- you -- singular or plural takes plural verb form}
    There’s always and acceptable and almost and unacceptable one. {1st & 3rd "and" should be "an"}
    {if I understand what you meant, there should be another "always" after "almost" }
    rude, nerd, weirdo... {"rude" is adjective; use "nerdy, weird" to be consistent}
    {although it mixes forms, "rude, nerds, weirdos" would be acceptable in less formal writings}
    When... face. & Being laziness. & Being... mom. {3 fragments, not sentences; join to previous with ; }
    slap on that. {"them" would fit better}
    for you, and can I be honest? {the last 5 words are unnecessary and too informal for an essay}
    The ones who tries... symptoms. The ones who listens... tries... yourself. {"try" "listen" "try" }
    {these 2 are also fragments or clauses, not sentences}
    Interesting essay. It does tend to stimulate thought. Alex has gotten specific on your errors, so I will not touch that. That said, you could easily expand this into something larger.