Midnight's Grasp

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Sunday 24, February 2019

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Dreamy thoughts romantic whims when only darkness is seen

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My thoughts concede to ecstasy Beloved bliss, romantic scenes Control evades the daunting light nocturnal daze, seduction's twine In midnight's grasp desires flame Beg each new morn to slow its pace The destined day, is sure to come What further sorrow for me lay stored My childhood whims, were they just that... All hope has dwindled with innocence past The scars as proof, I bare each day An unbending world, that lost its way Now once again a new day is born Heart's passion fumes, now smoulder low I'll feast on dreams once the day thus end Love's zest rekindles in gloom's terrain The feeble stars conceal life's wounds I prey the nights don't scurry soon Someday, dreams maybe won't fill my needs For now, 'tis reverie which keeps the flesh keen I'll relive my fantasies in the mist of night's grey... If tomorrow proves to be yet another day written on: May 12, 2018

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    Ah, Lonely, a poem! Almost. Aloud mostly good rhythm & even a rhyme or two.
    Beg each new mourn to slow its pace {"morn" maybe? or did I miss the point? }
    My childhood whims, are it just that... {"are it" ? maybe "are they" they = whims? }
    Passion's thrill lay dormant {"thrill lays" or "thrills lay" }
    once the day thus end {"ends" }
    Last 4 lines kind of lost the rhythm.
    This one even made sense to me: watch that or you'll get excommunicated from the modern poets union. Write on.
    nice poem
    I liked this. A bit dark, but not gloomy.