Fantasy written by JOSHU BUBA on Friday 22, February 2019

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Chapter 4 of the slovian series. Features new characters.

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CHAPTER FOUR NEW FRIENDSHIPS OR NEW RIVALS The lady who was all battered now gets released by Jacqui. Jacqui starts introducing his group “I’m the lady’s saviour, the prince of the ladies of Rignefich, that’s what the call me but just call me Jacqui, the angel here is Quinwreth and her brother who I hope is nothing more but her brother Roafgar then over there is a lady somewhere around us called Poldark and our weak link the idiot Jiberek” “Huh! How is that even close to my name, “Jibed shouts at Jacqui who shares another water bottle to the other lady in the group. The lady who has now finished drinking water starts “my name is Rubi, (points at the other lady) she is Jamby then he is Chompa, that is Morty and the one in white is Toshuk. “What happened to you guys, you look awful” Roafgar asks them. Toshuk passes the water bottle he had over to Morty and explains, “In this forest there are candidates of the last years ceremony who failed when they were close to finishing their test, they have been given an opportunity to redeem themselves by defeating the teams that are trying to make it to Mildeb this year, all they have to do is defeat you and take the weapons of the guys they beat to Mildeb and they proceed.” “We’ll that’s absurd,” Roafgar tells Quinwreth, who tries to explain, “well if you fail the first test you can take it the next year, if you fail the second test you have to wait one year to apply again, and if you make it to the third test and beyond and fail it there then you have to wait two whole years to try it again, so if given the chance to redeem yourselves now and not wait two full years everyone who previously failed will kill for it.” “Well they are not as strong as it may look but their surprise attacks and coordination left us at a disadvantage as we are not used to fight in a group. I know Morty from home while Ruby and Morty come from the same village but have not fought as a group before.” Chompa narrates on their defeat. “They are out for blood we came through a group that they had lost three member who had all been killed that they decided to quit.” Morty continues. Poldark attends to their wounds and relocates Rubi’s shoulder who cries in pain. Jamby who evidently is a caster from the lack of weapons on her goes and casts a spell loudly she mutters “the art of pain suppression spell” small green lights appear from her hands as they float towards the wounds of her teammates. They immediately feel much better but she warns them that the injuries are not healed only that he has supressed their pains for a while. “Well what are you going to do from now on, quit or…” before Roafgar finishes his statement Rubi interrupts him, “Thanks for the help but I think you are underestimating us, plus I don’t feel right owing you guys one, we are not quitting” “That’s the spirit, why not form a two party alliance between the two of our groups” Roafgar suggest. Morty stands up and asks “Are you sure trusting total strangers what’s from stopping us from stabbing you in the back or you doing the same” Roafgar walks towards him and stops to answer “Well if we are a group of ten walking together then those idiots will think twice attacking such a great number, even if we do not know how to fight together I’m sure we can rely on numbers, but if in any case you need to stab any of us in the back then stab that guy,” as he points at Jacqui then giggles. After a few rules on their partnership they agree and start to move on. The forest is ever green and even with its natural harmony provided by mother nature herself, the destruction of conflicts is visible, trees uprooted if not broken, blood spatter on leaves even some tainting some beautiful roses and dandelions, not only that but knives and daggers can been seen lying on the ground, some of them are more cautious now more than ever apart from a few like Roafgar who wants to release some steam with a powerful opponent. Jibed feels he needs to show the rest he is strong and as for Jacqui he feels he wants to meet more ladies while Morty feels he has to redeem himself and show he can carry his own end. As they come to a clearing that looks like was a blood bath a few minutes ago, Rubi Quinwreth and Jamby appear first from a far they are the only one there as far as anyone can see. As they arrive at the middle of the clearing five guys try to get a jump on them they surround the ladies ready to pounce. Among them are three nobles who cannot hide that fact from their clothing. They are dressed in expensive silk and linen as amour, their clothing only could feed a normal nuclear family for a whole month, their skin is smooth and fair all through. One of them is round as a palace pig his smirk shows that he sees himself as a demigod, among them, Rubi notices two familiar faces, the two are the ones that attacked them earlier. The two also recognise her and Jamby, the two look like normal folks on the nobles payroll. “I see you came for round two my dear ‘fairies’ and you even brought another ‘fairy’” one of them addresses them. Quinwreth turns a 360 turn counting all of them with her finger, “so this are the guys huh! I tell you now we are going to leave you battered enough that your legs will be running away from death (as she points the two) (she now points to the three nobles) and as for you those retched mouths of yours will be trying to bribe the grim reaper to not take you to hell” The five start laughing at them when suddenly they realize seven people have surrounded them. They for the first time panic, its five against ten, the fat noble tries to compose herself, “Don’t be afraid guys it’s just one against two and they are amateurs right?” they shake their head in agreement but even before they finish nodding. Roafgar who was now itching for a fight moves so fast to one of the nobles standing on the right side of the fat one and smashes his head to the ground with a bang that looked like he could have spit his head in two, there is a very big suspense of intensity in the air for a moment. They all drop their jaws they never saw it coming. “Zinko!” gasps Jantel she turns to look down at a blacked out brother in arms, before she turns properly to confirm if her friend is still alive Jibed does the same stunt but he moves so fast and pulls a right fist all the way from his back and lands a direct hit on the stomach of the other guy standing on the left side of Jantel following it through all the way, the punch almost looks like it will come out from his back. The raw power of his fist makes the guy puck all that his gut was carrying and his nose bleed, his eyes looked like they were going to pop out anytime. The punch makes him fly of like a stone from a sling shot. He is thrown a good twenty meters destroying everything on his path, luckily he gets stopped when he hits a tree. It looked that he was never stopping for a while there. “Pruchek!!” Jantel gasps again, her mind is spinning with only one word MONSTERS only that it keeps repeating itself over and over. She knows that the next attack will be on her probably. She knows she may not be quick enough to evade when her time comes. Jantel does the only thing someone facing the door to the grim reaper will do in their right senses. “The art of light blinding” she casts a spell that produces a bright blinding light, the spell only takes a few seconds but by the time its subsiding and their vision is coming back they see a plum body at a supersonic speed disappearing. “For a lady her size she sure can run” Morty cracks a joke. Jantel instinct with a little bit of adrenalin runs for her life as fast as her legs can support her weight. Her heart is beating so fast that she is not even breathing but moving she knows she is safe as the distance between her and the group is a bit big now, that’s what she thinks when everything goes black and a ringing voice in her ear so loud that slowly goes down until she no longer hears anything at all. As she was running like a swine running from the butcher Poldark was already on her toes but moving up via the trees when she decides to drop her from above like a meteor dropping on a house. She really never knew what hit her. No one saw that coming on the other side also for they had never planned for it. Just like Jibed made a move to slightly show off his skill even though he’s was encouraged by a little bit of jealousy as he thought Roafgar came out really cool there. Poldark just felt like doing a little target practice. Quinwreth who never moved looked at the two remaining culprits, pointing at them “I told you guys those three will be bribing the grim reaper for their lives, now its your time. Boo!!” she scares them by pretending she was going for the kill. One of them falls to his butt sweating his fear. By now the only word running through their head is similar to Jantel’s just a few minutes ago. MONSTERS yes that’s right and neither of them looked to have broken a sweat. “I can’t forgive men that creep on ladies I’m sure you guys can handle the rest.” Jacqui tells Morty. Roafgar starts walking out, but looks at Rubi and tells her “Don’t take too much time guys we have wasted enough already on this slimes, you’ll get us on the road. Don’t keep us waiting.” “It won’t take long Roafgar by the time you make your tenth step I will be walking besides you,” Rubi replies she high five’s Roafgar as they move in opposite direction. Jibed is a little jealous as even though they have no leader, slowly by slowly it looks like Roafgar is turning to be one, a rival. Roafgar’s group moves on together leaving the rest behind. Rubi looks so much different now it’s like some of the aura Roafgar and Jibed produced were all absorbed by her. Her killer instinct can be felt from a mile away, even her appearance looks different, much bigger and meaner than the tiny lady before. She walks towards the two, as the wind gently blows her blonde hair back it sends her cape floating up, step by step she looks more intimidating out for blood as she plays with her sword spinning it around is hands. The rest of her group become also more intimidated by her and they step back, it does not take long for her to pounce of the duo who had already lost the fight before they even knew there was going to be one. She leaves them conscious enough to scream for their lives and from the pain that is killing them. The sweet lady has been turned to a beast within an hour. It did not take long for her to single handedly take care of them. Even Roafgar and the rest could hear their cries from a far, within no time the ten of them satisfied by blowing off some steam finish off the rest of the forest. Of course other groups were around the forest especially some evil minded ones who were waiting to pounce on innocent people at the end of the forest, however the tremendous aura, killer instinct and blood thirst that the group where emitting had even caused all the animals and beast of the forest away. No one bothered to even show their face in front on the large group. The small encounter they had before had changed each one psychologically. They had belief, hope and positive attitude going forward.

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    Jacqui start{s} introducing his group{,} “I’m the lady’s savior{,} the prince of the ladies of Rignefich, that’s what the call me but just call me Jacqui[,]{;} the angel here is Quinwreth{,} and her brother who I hope is nothing more [but]{than} her brother is Roafgar; then there is a lady somewhere around us called Poldark and our weak link the idiot Jiberek”
    Next paragraph I got lost: other lady? Also, "shared with"
    My comments on the previous chapter apply here.

    Now, you have some good imagery and action here. That is why you want to edit: to bring it out and draw the reader in.