Destined to live

Story written by minew on Thursday 21, February 2019

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I was taking my usual Sunday morning stroll at the beach with my family. It seemed to be a perfect dawn. Leaving behind the kids to construct their sand castles, my husband and I went on a short walk on the shore enjoying the beauty of the sea, watching the crawling crabs, listening to the sound of the waves and the lovely sight of the castles being built by our little angels. Quiet tired of walking we stopped and gazed at the sea. We felt that the color of water was getting darker and the waves were bringing litters ashore. It felt a bit alarming. We decided to leave the beach. We sped fast to our little ones with their castles half built they were not ready to go home. We had to be hard on them and dragged them away. We went on a slow drive on the road parallel to the beach but a little away. In ten minutes or so there was chaos everywhere as we found people running on the streets with fear in their eyes and screaming on top of their voice. We stopped by and inquired. We were told that the sea was rough and huge tidal waves entered the residential area. Not aware of the damage and so confused we just went home and the whole apartment was so noisy with the TV News channels providing a live telecast on something called “TSUNAMI”. Yes, it was the 26th December 2004. We escaped the Tsunami with just a few minutes to go. For five long years we didn’t have the guts to go to the beach. My daughters are still afraid of the beach. They are grownups now and recall that day and say that “we are destined to live ma!”

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    Quite good. This must have been a terrifying experience.