Dreams or Reality ( Work in progress . Title and novel)

Horror story written by Vixen on Wednesday 20, February 2019

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Are dreams in fact just that,or are they reality? Just a start . Would like honest opinions

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Dreams. Are they just that - dreams? Or are they reality, and our perception of the ' Real world ' actually our brains deluded escape route from whatever horror lies in its path. A defence , a wall , a cowards way out of facing our true fears and nightmares? That, dear reader, is up to you . Are we alive or are we dead? Are we living for our souls to be saved to co-exist in the next world, or merely just existing to die and stay ashes in the wind for eterity? Life is full of unanswered questions. Like, if a tree falls down in the forest and no ones around to hear it does it make a sound? When lightning hits the sea, why doesn't all the fish die? And who's that man standing behind you wearing a balaclava and holding a blood soaked samaurai sword ? Ok, so that last one was a joke. Or was it? Surely you researched our quiet little town before you decided to set up home here, right? Seen the signs and put all the puzzle pieces together?No? Oh...well, then there are three rules that we need to inform you of. You can either choose to abide by them, or fail to and think we are insane. and that's ok, but on your own head be it. 1. Stay out of the shadows during the day, and do not got out after dark. 2. You did not see or hear anything. Keep your head down, eyes to yourself and move on. 3. Pay your Taxes . Now, wthout further a do, congratulations on stumbling across our devoted community and welcome to the bizzare reality that is Thetford. You'll never want to leave. And even if you do...well, you cant. But we will have a lot of fun watching you try.

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    I'm already trembling, Vix, and I'm not even in Thetford. A suitably creepy introduction to what I hope is an equally creepy horror. Write on.
    There are a lot of extra spaces: shouldn't be one before a comma, period, or ? -- nor between a ' or " and the text it specifies.
    co-exist {"coexist" }
    and no ones around to hear it does does it make {"one's" need , after "hear it" }
    why doesn't all the fish die? {"don't" }
    Seen the signs {since the subject seems to refer back to "you" should be "saw" not "seen" }
    are insane. and that's ok, {either make . a , or capitalize "And" }
    You did not see or hear anything. {to be consistent "do" }
    eyes to yourself and move on. {need the "Oxford" comma after "yourself" }
    . Now, wthout further {"without" & the initial . seems misplaced}
    well, you cant. {"can't" }
    usually an ellipsis is followed by a space.
    Interesting. Let's see where you take it.