Through glass in February

Poem written by Greg on Thursday 14, February 2019

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A poem I will be writing to an exciting new person in their Valentine card.

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I peer long through the glass At the freezing blankets of ice below, Where the ryegrass stir; Reaching out into the world Beneath footfalls in the drift. I recall my Valentine... Then dream of sun-filled days And such journeys We have yet to set upon

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    Very nicely done Greg, 'Beneath footballs in the drift, I recall my valentine' so elegantly put, so sweet...
    Thanks Lonely. The poem seemed appreciated by it's target audience. Wink
    Yeah, Greg, I know I'm not your target. Pretty good structured prose, though.
    OK in P.E. maybe, but in S.E. "Where the ryegrass stirs;"
    Plural for neutered singular still grates on these old ears.
    Very nice. I hope she appreciates it. Cool