King of the castle

Story written by HatchJ2000 on Tuesday 12, February 2019

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The double doors opened wide, revealing a ball room, spectacular in size. The vaulted ceilings etched with nude paintings, and a chandelier swaying just out of reach from the waves of spinning heads. Young girls awaited their prince to ask for a dance, all huddled along the side of the dance floor. Tacky skirts ballooned from their hips and their faces were washed with white. I wondered if they wanted anything other than a man. A callused hand brushed across my shoulder and I flinched. "Oh don't be afraid, Just dance with me." A man stood over me, a wrinkled smile stretching over his face. He grabbed for my hand, taking a tight hold and leading me towards the music. "Um no, I don't think so." My hand slipped away and I hurried towards the entourage of bachelors. "This is my husband," I giggled. "he seems to just disappear sometimes." I wrapped my arm around his bicep, leaning my head gently upon his chest. The old man before us gawked at my low-cut dress. "Oh there you are... Sarah," a fake grin plastered on his face. "I was worried you ran off somewhere!" "I'm sorry sir, I wasn't aware she was married." The old man bowed slightly, quickly turning on his heel and walking towards the group of young ladies. "Thank you," I breathed a sigh of relief. "he wouldn't take no for an answer." The curly-haired man shook his head. "There's not many real gentleman around these days." He smirked, tipping his head down. "I'm Charlie, and you are?" "Well, my name is definitely not Sarah." Charlie grimaced. "So there's definitely no chance you'd dance with me, not Sarah?" He extended his hand, eyeing my reaction. "Maybe a slight chance." I took his hand, leading him to the dance floor. "I like a women in charge!" He laughed. By the end of the night, most of the families and couples had left, leaving the single ladies and bachelors alone. Charlie scanned the crowd, "We should probably get out of here, otherwise a lot more of those gentleman will want to know your name." "Vivian." "What?" He turned to me, confused. "My name, it's Vivian." "Oh," he leaned down, I could feel his breath tickle my ear. "Vivian, we should probably get out of here -" "Shut up," I pulled back, playfully punching his arm. "I heard you the first ti-" He wrapped his arm around my waist, planting a kiss on my lips. I looked up, surprised but at the same time, pleased. "I don't like getting interrupted." He smiled that full and bright smile. "I'll keep that in mind." We began to walk casually down a long corridor, viewing the ancient pieces of art strung maticulously on the walls. I trembled beneath his warm touch on the lower part of my back. "Cold? Here." He offered me the dark tailcoat he was sporting, gingerly wiping off any loose hair. "No it's okay, I'm just a little nervous." He wiped away a strand of hair cascading down my cheek. "No need to be nervous, we're just two people talking." He leaned in for another kiss, this time it was slow and sensual. "Well, not just talking." Charlie continued down the hallway, leaving me starstruck for a brief moment. I trailed behind as soon as I shook out of it. "I want to show you something." He held his hand out, waiting for me to accept. I curled my fingers around his, following closely as he opened the door in front of us. "What is it?" I pointed at the large heap of chain-link and bars encircling a small silver table. His hand, still intertwined with mine realeased and began snaking up my arm. He grabbed hard, red splotches marked under his fingertips. "It's your new home!" His voice carried through the open room. It had a meancing sound to it, not like before. I looked at his eyes. Before, they were a bright green, with a hint of blue in the center. Now, they were a deep black. Something heavy pounded the back of my head and a line of liquid trailed down my back. Everything was hazy as I woke up. My hair was matted to the back of my neck, and the dress I wore was ripped up to my stomach. The room was dark, but I could tell where I was. Outside of the cage, Charlie watched.

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    Well written little horror. Good choice not to describe it as "horror" and the foreshadowing was honest.
    wripped {not sure if this was supposed to be "ripped" or "whipped" }
    First time reading it and i love the plot. hope it is not the last one.
    You could expand this. This is quite a little tease, perhaps for something longer and more involved.