He Stood Before The Mountain

Story written by TyraelMastema on Saturday 9, February 2019

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A man prepares to face a challenge.

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He stood before the mountain. He knew it was big, but standing in front of it, preparing to take his first step, it just seemed so much bigger. He knew it wasn't. It was just his own fears and insecurities making him imagine the mountain was larger than it was. He stood before the mountain. People climb mountains every day. They didn't start as experts. They started with their first, just like him. The tallest mountains have been conquered many times, by many people. He stood before the mountain. Why was he doing this? How had he gotten himself into this situation? What would happen if he fell? Would anyone catch him? Would anyone care? He stood before the mountain. He couldn't do it; he was too scared. He didn't want to climb; it was too hard. He didn't need to go; they could come to him. He walked toward the mountain.

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    Welcome to the Den, Ty. This is very well written. Short and direct; paints a vivid picture. The only change I would make (and this is simply individual style preference) is in the last 3 sentences: repeating structure like this can occasionally be emphatic, but here it might be more impactful to vary it a bit. Overall a really effective short. Write on.
    Thanks for the comment Alex. I appreciate the feedback.
    Very good. You could easily expand this.