The Return

Poem written by Greg on Thursday 7, February 2019

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Recalling what we are

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Step out, if you need, into the forests of the world. Leave your trappings to their idleness. Let the breeze swirl among your fingertips, Allow the mist to gather beneath your nose. Walk light-footed beneath the pines and Shuffle easily along the paths. Reach for the cool stone, then Inhale deeply the fragrance of peat, petal and soil. Notice the warm flow in your limbs return to your chest. Eyes wide, lungs full, up on your toes... Make concession with the wild thing inside you.

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    Getting back in touch with Planet Earth. Ghandi used to say "Going to tend the goats."

    Very good.
    Thanks kt. And i had no idea about the usefulness of goats. Wink