Poem written by HatchJ2000 on Wednesday 6, February 2019

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This is a short poem about the choices we make in life affecting us, even in death.

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Security walking a tightrope. Bending, tipping the scales mercifully through the night. Good Bad Neither are ahead. An in-between place some beg, But no mercy for the wicked, No torture for the honest and sincere. Remember your place below, that will be the ending. A short life demands an eternity. Careless, reckless; He'll save a spot for you. Be wise in your choices now, What's next is lasting

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    This is not even close to my kind of poem, Hatch, which means it's probably quite good. Others here are into free verse and I hope you'll get some meaningful comments.
    For me, the staccato phrasing made it hard to keep up with any emotion you probably intended to convey with this. Though i think i get the gist.

    Thanks for sharing.
    I don't like to criticize poetry, since mine is so bad. But I did like this. It seems a bit more like a reflection.