Skinny dipping.

Story written by Gemma beveridge on Monday 28, January 2019

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This actually happened. I will NEVER be cool.

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I attempted skinny dipping once. I was on a beautiful beach, with a former lover. I had a concoction of colourful cocktails coursing through me, too many that I couldn’t have completed that sentence, at the time, if I had tried! I felt good, amazing even! I giggled and skipped, I breathed in the warm air, I glided towards the sea, I could smell the air getting saltier by the second, I could taste the ocean. As I pulled at them, my clothes left me, They fell away with grace and floated off into the night. I am so feminine so free I thought! I almost felt as if when I reached the shore line my legs would leave me, a beautiful tail would form! I would be a mermaid, I would dive in and it would be magic, I would splash and laugh, the moonlight would dance on the water, making my hair sparkle! I would glance back at the land and at my love, he would be raw with emotion, sad for my leaving, wonderment for the sensual, sexual siren I had become!! Instead. On the way to the water, I kicked a small rock, fell to the floor like a sack of bricks and let out a noise I can only describe as a deep and gutteral mechanical whine. As I lay there, disheveled and naked on the sand I could hear in the distance, the heavy laughter of my lover. I gained some bruising, I lost a toenail and my dignity. I havent attempted skinny dipping since.

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    lol Very, very good. Oh, the joy of being human!