I'm a nomadic ctenophile sailing to Lampedusa...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Monday 28, January 2019

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I'm a nomadic ctenophile sailing to Lampedusa; I'm showing the boatmen the virtues of saving ants from bathtubs, and when the seascape dims, I see my past. I'm an amateur florist who doesn't know what a professional one must be like, I compare the pitches of the street meows, I lay my shoes on the pile of summer slippers and leave the toecap dirty for boring reasons, I feed my donkey one apple a day and look into his eyes to detect pleasure or lack thereof, I check the asymmetrical dividing lines in cement balusters and think, "Fuck the architect!", because I'm not that smart. I tell the boatmen in the morning, "If we die, it's because of these bad gunwales." You see, I'm a seaman.

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    lol And maybe not a very good seaman, I think. Cool
    What gave it away, the indrownability of gunwale-less boats? Grin