Let me chronicle the happenings of last night:

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Saturday 19, January 2019

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Let me chronicle the happenings of last night: My cat and I were having a quiet evening by the pines that separate the lands of my grandfather and his neighbour's, (They were imported by the Italians when they'd come first with guns) then I saw a pair of pine cones on the ground and apart one big, one small, and realized how their old resembled their young and realized how I was less smart than I had been, heavier, calmer, and more at peace with the stinging cold that causes the cones to click against each other and jingle. I lay my hand on the back of my friend, the cat and it felt warm.

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    Cats are my friends as well. Sometimes I think that they are wiser than we are.
    They are, indeed.