Opposing Forces

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Friday 18, January 2019

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A free verse poem

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Two defiant opposing forces, is what we've become you and I. I seek life's tranquil pleasantries while, you still soar amidst the black of night. Like adversaries , in a game of wits and tug of war; arguing each time we pass each other by. The all knowing Creator is letting us know now, we're heading down a destructive dead end path. With vicious words or innuendoes, a mother and lovely daughter should never fret. To scorn you, wasn't my intention. Or degrading you wasn't what I planned. We'll need restraint and a combined effort. If we are to ever reverse life's earthshaking perks. Our blood is one, my love for you is endless. Let no one tear the God made unity He blessed. I'm not Cersei or you "The Mother Of Dragons," foes constantly at war for the Seven Kingdoms, on the famously acclaimed hit series, 'Game Of Thrones'. We aren't even two nominated actresses, dead-locked for the same Oscar; Or aspiring to win, someday A Golden Globe's Award. I wish for your only felicity and salubrity; And not mischance or desolation like someone steered you to believe. For If one day death unannounced decides to knock our door. And that very moment it must choose rightfully between you or me. Allow me then, to show my love by claiming the most tragic ticket. Let my doomed fortune scrape our family's transgressions clean. A dedicated mom is love, self-sacrifice and a continuous struggle. Someday, you too this concept will embrace and finally come to comprehend. Nothing on earth or in the heavens can ever lessen a mother's love for her birth children. Be they wicked born or Angel sent. My words , aren't used as knives to cut . Or pain to fractured bones so they can't heal. Nor spiteful spoken words Just to inflict and cause an incessant bleeding on. They are lessons learned, that as a mom I want to take the time and share with you. The same way my mother took the time one day and shared with me, once. My words are spilled hoping to discourage grave missteps, and to share enlightenment; Just desperate pleas that beckon you to wait, Just take a pause, and really think. Decisions made in hast , carry such hefty burdens; And aren't so easy, later to make amends for or radically delete. The not so distant future is when you'll have to learn to live with choices you now presently have made. But it will be life , then who will come to finally collect the overdue payment for that near forgotten debt. Then, deeply immersed in anguish, you'll have to seriously face yourself and state. "If I 'd only taken time, to pause, reflect and listen, before I carried out this dreadful life-altering mistake." written on: July 22, 2017

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    So, Lonely, this is pretty much in character with what you (and other misguided ones) call free verse -- a term which is an oxymoron since "verse" implies form and pattern while "free" means the opposite. Kind of like saying "bright black" or "soft cacophony." Aloud most of it reads smoothly (the only characteristic possibly distinguishing "free verse" from "prose" ) although the commercial trailer for 'Game Of Thrones' in the middle seems out of place. There are a few spots where it's a little rough, but I guess that's part of the freedom.
    ... wasn't what I planed {"planned"}
    ... fortune scrap our transgressions clean {"scrape" maybe?}
    ... presently have made {"presently" properly means "soon" not "now" although this misuse is on almost every list of common errors in English so you'll only have complaints if you run into a nitpicker and I'm sure you don't know anyone like that -- right?}
    "If I'd only then had taken time, to pause, reflect and listen, {"I'd" = "I had" so one "had" too many; don't forget the "Oxford comma" after "reflect"}
    Wishing you two an armistice or at least a cease fire. Write on.
    A great deal of sadness comes through here. Seems there is pain on both sides, and a great deal of pain and very little understanding.