Programming the Mind

Prose written by TTT123TrustTellingTruth on Wednesday 19, December 2018

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Discovering who you are and why.

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Have you ever looked – really looked – into the eyes of a newborn infant? What did you see? At first, it is nothing – emptiness, no reaction at all. That little creature came into this world with a body and a mind both of which are totally new. Without memories, without reference, no fear (accept of falling), no joy, an empty receptacle waiting to be filled. The only appetite he/she is aware of is for food which is a response to the discomfort of an empty stomach. All other appetites will be developed. However, this lump of flesh has the ability to sense the world around it and the freedom to make choices. Come back a few months later and you will see the first indications of who that infant will become. Reacting to the influences around it the mind is slowly programmed resulting in smiling, crying, recognition, response, curiosity, fear, and self-awareness. Fast forward seventy-five years and what do you see pain, fear, hopelessness, loneliness, resignation or anger? Or perhaps peace, happiness, hope, and love, all of which were acquired over a lifetime of experiences. What happened to that little creature with empty eyes? Although starting out in the very same way every life will be different. The journey begins with that first breath and over the years the mind is programmed and an agenda developed from year to year. Some might say each develops differently due to the environment, culture, and family they are born into. While all those have an effect on the individual, I propose that the mind housed in that body is a unique person invisible to the eye but with very definite characteristics. Your mind is the window to consciousness and where the mind goes the man will follow. If you want to know what your life will look like in the future, take inventory of what you are habitually thinking. You will not do something you haven’t first thought about. Clean mind – clean life -corrupt mind – corrupt life. Remember your mind and body can override your knowledge of the truth. What you dwell on long enough will eventually become what you do. The mind is programmed through the senses. The body is your connection to the world you live in. The mind analyzes what the senses provide, makes a choice and files away for future use. If you never take inventory of your files you may fail to uncover a faulty perception which often results in wrong choices and painful consequences. People will not always lead you in the right direction. While they can be extremely helpful, you need a solid frame of reference - proven truth - you can use for comparison when adding to your files. You are important – no matter what you or anyone else thinks – you are a part of God’s plan and you are important. You will cast a shadow of influence throughout your life. Everyone your shadow touches will be affected by you and go on to affect others. Whether positive or negative will depend on what choices you make, and the choices you make will be in response to your frame of reference. The journey of life does not have a reverse option – you cannot undo what is done. The only way you can use the past is to make choices in the future that correct your perception which resulted in flawed decisions. However many times the consequences of those flawed decisions cannot be avoided – in your life or the lives of those you touched. You are an invisible force with an agenda and a body to carry out that agenda. Your freedom of choice will determine where you go, what you see, what you do, how you respond, what you accept, what you reject, what you value, what you deem to be without value. What you say, what you put in your body, and the eternal influence you will leave behind. Your choices are a permanent record of your life. What is your agenda? What is your frame of reference? Where are you going and why? What are you leaving in your wake?

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    Very well written.
    So you're throwing your opinion into the "nature or nurture" debate, TTT. Agree with Don (as I do distressingly often): really well written. Couple of places where double-spacing between paragraphs would help. Not mush to argue about with your message. I've always thought it's kind of like a wood carving: the finished product is a combination of the carver's art worked upon the natural character of the material. Write on.
    Quite nicely written. You put forward your opinion quite well. Good job.