Poem written by divy_gupte on Monday 17, December 2018

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It's my first attempt to write, just trying to express myself

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Maybe someday I'll wake up to find myself again Maybe someday I'll wake up to express my love again Maybe someday I'll wake up to walk that path again Maybe someday I'll wake up to laugh again Maybe someday I'll repent my sins too Maybe someday I'll complete this too But till then let me be a magnifico of this fictional land.

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    Sorry, but I didn't get much from this. I've read it too many times before.
    Technically very well written, divy -- content not so much. You need to say something different or at least say the same old things differently. Still, for a first effort, not so bad. (I had the good sense to show my first efforts only to the fireplace.) Write on.
    Not bad for your first piece; I like it! The more you write you'll see improvement.[/right]
    First writing? It's good for a first writing, but you have to put some meat on these bones. Cool