Mother Nature's Rage

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Monday 10, December 2018

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The fury of a storm

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I make my way stumbling, towards the sliding glass door which leads directly to the balcony's floor I hear the wind whistle like a runaway train Oh, the damage it's causing to the frail weathered frame The wind gusts are blood curdling Mother Nature is enraged I thought I'd never see the day the rain undoubtedly reigns By obscuring the earth's sunlight and the warmth and life it brings, what was once a buzzing city street a swirling river, is now the scene It's nature's supreme power Where on earth can God be found From atop I see trees lifted, like kids' toys tossed about All pedestrians are madly dashing seeking higher safer grounds Below, the horns of cars keep blowing in hopes someone can pull them out Water levels are quickly rising No safe haven can be found Up here, the pounding that the downpour makes, sounds like beating drums, gone wild It's forte symphonic melody, percussion's score solo act The day is held a hostage by a disastrous baring flood I too am now a captive in this confined space called my home The walls seem to draw closer when the clouds conceal the sun In this scary gloomy dark space, I'll remain here until the danger is gone Pray God keeps us protected from this vengeance driven storm I hope the sun tomorrow shines and bless us with its rays Keep contained the stormy rain clouds and mother nature's rage, at bay written on: July 10, 2017

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    Good writing (even if it isn't poetry in my book) and enjoyable as usual. A few rough spots: read aloud the melody fails in some places.
    "and bless" s/b "to bless" or "and blesses" maybe? (1st fits rhythm better: this stanza actually poetic!)
    Write on!
    I really enjoyed this. Especially this line:

    "I thought I'd never see the day the rain undoubtedly reigns"

    Thanks for sharing.
    I write terrible poetry, so I tend not to rate it and just comment.

    That said, I enjoyed this. Very good and very picturesque.