Poem written by Noeyrocks on Thursday 6, December 2018

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Don’t put people in whatever box to make yourself more comfortable

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I am not a book you wrote about yourself You can not write me in or edit me out You can not read through these lines Or paraphrase me with quotation marks I’m not a word you struggle to find Or your editor’s phone call about your deadline I’m not a chapter that you cut short Or a embellished lie you write as a last resort And that rewritten paragraph you can’t quite get right Frustrates you and keeps you up at night I’m not a unfinished thought you fail to mention Or a idea for a story that you question I am not a working title you keep changing Or a failed storyline for the ending I’m not word you can’t think of Or adjectives that you make up Not a exaggeration of a night you had Or a scattered memory from your past All these things you wish I was I don’t exist to complete yourself

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    '... a[n] unfinished thought...'
    'Or a[n] idea...'
    '... not a[n] unfinished...'
    'Not a[n] exaggeration...'
    Good message, pretty good presentation. Some rough spots out loud. Rhyming erratic.
    You need some punctuation to help out the reader.