Paper Moon

Poem written by Noeyrocks on Thursday 6, December 2018

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What if the moon list some of it beauty

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Translucent dim lit paper moon Slightly faded pale subdued tones Delicate meloncoly hues gossamer gold royal blues ethereal undertones halos rings emits eclectric solar beams radiates a rare luminescent glow Shiny satellites inferior installations know Gems of pearlescent ethereal stones Composed orchestrated melodic overtones Glorious galaxies of metallic chrome Explored precious irredentist milestones

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    "lost" maybe?
    "It’s" is contraction of "It is" while "Its" is the possessive pronoun with no '
    I like rhyming poetry but maybe you had to reach too hard for some of these rhymes.
    "irredentist" ? I think you mean iridescent. Who wants to have your teeth worked on by an irredentist? Cool