The Name of Death

Romance Story written by Hat-Lord-Ave on Saturday 1, December 2018

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Being the Reaper is a difficult, and emotionally taxing job. Most who bare it’s mantle quickly find that it’s easier to dissociate oneself from those that you reap, lest you be driven insane by despair. The current Reaper has learned from the past not to get attached, but when Yuno Sasaki, a young man Slated to die soon, is found to have an absolutely pure soul, She finds herself inexplicably drawn to him.

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"What is your name?" “I am called many names. Death, the Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death-” He interrupted her “well sure, everyone knows all that, but what’s your name?” She was taken aback. No human had ever asked her this before. She didn’t have a proper answer for him “I...I have none” “Well that’s not good!” he frowned, but only momentarily for his next idea brought a smile back to his face “I know!! If you don’t have a name, how about I give you one?!” his cheerful smile widened as she stood there confused in front of him “how about….Aoteru? With the characters for shine and blue, like your eyes!” ((this is a HUGE WIP that I just came up with yesterday. think of this as a prologue of sorts))

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    Welcome, Hat. Good to finally hear from you. Typos in the description seem to be the rage lately. No ' in "its" when possessive pronoun, only when contraction of "it is"
    The text just before an opening " should end with punctuation, probably a , here in 4 places. Double ending punctuation characters seldom work: !! ?! etc. An ellipsis is 4 dots only when it includes a period, and it is usually followed by a space. The word "none" needs a . before the " Direct quotes from different speakers should usually be in separate paragraphs: here most writers use double spacing to indicate a new paragraph.

    Could be a good start to an interesting story but there's not enough to determine that yet. I'm unfamiliar with Aoteru so I probably missed something in what I presume is fan fiction. Write on.
    Well, this is a good prologue. Let's see what follows.