my world after doomsday chapter 3

Fantasy written by billt1984 on Tuesday 13, November 2018

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chapter 3 in my attempt at a cultivation novel

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Chapter 3 It was real Walking to the bathroom I take a leak then start to wash my hands, looking up into the mirror the soap falls to the floor my hands shaking wildly. I start to scream again when I remember the cops. Saying out loud to myself in a very hushed “damn”. There is a gigantic scar on my chest a little more than 6 inches long from top to bottom. Trying to look at my back hoping it is just in the front and didn’t really go all the way through even though I know it did. I spin around back and forth trying to get a glimpse in the mirror. Finally, as I catch a glimpse, there is a big scar and it looks like a bead of metal in the back. ‘What the hell is going on?’ I wonder to myself as everything keeps spinning, my foot landing on the bar of wet soap. My foot shoots out from under me smacking into the cupboard. The rest of me goes flying backwards with a solid “thunk” of my head striking the side of the door as I pass out on the floor. I am suddenly standing on top of the CN tower, not in the CN Tower not on the CN Tower roof walk but on top of the poles with the flashing lights to stop airplanes from hitting it although all the lights are dark. Looking at the city surrounding me there are fires burning in quite a few buildings, and the occasional scream shattering the mostly silent night. I try to figure out where the screams are coming from and it slowly dawns on me that whatever made those screams was far from human. I sit down on top of the CN Tower and start to shiver not from the cold but because those screams are filling me with dread. The sword is floating beside me and as though it is natural the princess is sitting on top of it like a witch on her broom stick. “What the hell has happened?” I ask. From the girl sitting on the sword like a witch on a broomstick or something from one of those cultivation novels. I get an answer instead of insults and abuse. She looks down at me, “What has happened? Nothing yet. In about 4 days from now the gods will return and they are not all kind and happy beings. It will start like a virus. It will change everything on this world. Many humans will become mindless predators with incredible strength. Animal, vegetable, even mineral everything you knew about your planet will change, even the very laws of physics will no longer be constant. In a few days this will be the fate of this world will reside with you, you can deny it, or you can prepare what you do is up to you.” I’m staring blankly at the Toronto skyline, in shock, but she just keeps going on saying, “You will be able to select something that will help you progress in the future. Think of this like a blessing from Hephaestus and others who are aligned with those greater gods who sealed this world so that you could have a chance to grow instead of simply being devoured as a resource for there growth. If you can survive it will develop with you, but the choice you make here will change what it and you can develop into. How much work and materials are needed will all depend on your choice.” I sit there as all this information floods into my mind. I think to myself is this real, but there was the scar. How is this possible? “What the hell, 4 days? How can I get ready for this in 4 days? I have only got like three hundred dollars at most and with my credit card maybe I have got another hundred. What the hell can I do in 4 days? Pay day is not until next week and some how after this happens I don’t think my pay is going to matter for much.” The voice echoes in my mind, “You will have to figure this out around 5 am and once you wake up it will be 3 days I guess. So please pick something that you will use to survive and prepare for what is coming.” She starts telling me about herself “I am the remnants of those who were sacrificed to keep powering the cage that” and here suddenly stopped, “Well I will have to tell you more about that another time since you’re about to wake up. Check your phone. I left you a note on there.”

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    This is an improvement over the first two chapters, but you still need some hard edits. For example: 'Saying out loud to myself in a very hushed “damn”.' - This is not a complete sentence.

    Good plot. Please continue.